24 Simple Ways to Grow Your Direct Selling Business and Move You Closer to Your Financial Independence!

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If you are in Direct Selling because you want to become financially independent, you are likely to be the type of person who will do anything they need to do and invest anything they need to invest to grow their business. You are probably very open-minded to new ideas and love to listen and learn from people who have walked the talk.

You want to walk across the stage at your company's convention! You want to earn the company award trip and you set your goal for the top prize in every contest your company announces! YOU ARE A WINNER!
You hang out with winners, you create more winners on your team, everyone wants to know your secret! You swear there is "no secret", you just work your business every day and implement the simple techniques you've learned from Karen Phelps!

That's it! You don't make excuses that there isn't enough time in the day to make phone calls. You understand the importance of creating consistency in your business and more importantly you understand the importance of helping your down line create consistency in their schedule.


If you don't have consistency you don't have a business you can count on! The good news is "It's easy to develop consistency in your business." Yes, it really is easier than you think, the trouble is, if you don't think it's easy you'll struggle the whole time you are in the business. So, get it out of your head right now, YES, I MEAN RIGHT NOW, that something is hard. You do realize, everything is as "easy as you make it."
I'm going to help you with these quick and easy ways to grow your business and make it easier to develop consistency. I know how to hold 3 -4 parties per week because I DID IT for 22 years! It's really not hard to get new recruits and move them up to leader within their first few months in the business. You can make excuses why your business isn't growing or find ways to make it grow. It's entirely up to you!

Do you have a tough time staying motivated to work your business? Try one or two of these simple tips.
1. Review why you joined the business. Think back to why it was important that you join and what you wanted to accomplish.
2. Set new goals. People often get stuck if they have set an unrealistic goal and not achieved it or if they have achieved a previous goal and not taken the time to set a new one. No matter what…you need something to work on.
3. Ask your leader to hold you accountable to report to her each week with the "income producing activities" you have done to increase your business. It's a lot like "weight loss", it's easier to lose when someone else is seeing the scale too!

If you are you ready to break through the boundaries of your mind, learn how to control your thoughts and manage your time and energy wisely to get more done than ever before, you'll want the  "Whole Enchilada.

Could you use more dated bookings on your calendar? Here are a few things your could do to get bookings right now.

4. Call past Hostesses to get them to rebook. Have a Special Offer for dates on your Open Date Card and offer to use a copy from their previous guest list to make it easy on the Hostess.
5. Call guests who have been placed on the "Maybe Later List" and have a special offer to select a date from your Open Date Card.
6. Increase the attendance at your parties using tips in the Increase Your Party Attendance CD. The more people in attendance the more you have to book from.
7. Ask your Hostess to help you identify potential bookers by offering a bonus for having "2 bookings before you arrive."
8. Make sure you have Hostess Packets with you at all your parties and be prepared to book 3 parties and give away the Hostess Packs that evening. Don't let a potential Hostess leave without a Hostess Pack.
9. Use the proven simple techniques which are part of the "Never Run Out of Bookings" package.
10. Play one of the booking games that are part of the "It's a Party Out There" program.   (Yes you really can get 3 bookings from every party if you want to.) The emails I receive from consultants who have gotten 5 and 6 bookings from a party prove if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone you can get as many bookings as you want.
11. Get off the computer and out of the house. You can't meet people if you are sitting home on the computer! Enough said!
12. Network everywhere you go. If you are at a ball game with your kids, have catalogs, samples and whatever you can fit in your purse or tote bag with you ready to share with other moms.

That "Awful Sucking Sound" is the money you are losing with every booking you "fail to get." I kept track of one booking for over 2 years and as the result of "1 new booking" I booked 121 more parties in the next 2 years!

Try some of the simple and easy steps taught in the many programs in the "Never Run Out of Bookings Package".

Go to www.attitudetools.com/specials for the current discount code and to check out the special offers!

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  1. Great tips to get more bookings! I know if i set goals and go for them I can do anything!!

  2. Jill Greene says:

    Awesome ideas Karen!!! Thank you so much!

  3. Sue Coleman says:

    Loved it. I am still fairly new to Direct selling and have started to build my team. I find your tips realistic and motivating.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sue Coleman, Avon Rep./Sales Team Leader

  4. I also just finished my Rotary Presidency year. Congrats to you for your 2nd. Thanks for all you do. I am going to print and share with my team this week a few of your commewonts/quotes. Have a super weekend

  5. Brenda Grammer says:

    Thank you Karen! The Open Date card is doing wonders and so is the nutty buddy idea. As soon as I see two friends wavering I suggest the nutty buddy and it’s a done deal. The open date card has created a sense of urgency and people rush for that extra bling!! I love your ideas!! Brenda (Premier Designs)

  6. Donna Susor says:

    Great ideas. I will be sharing these with my Team. I have used several tips from you in the past. It’s too easy to make excuses. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas! Have a great weekend!

  7. Rosalie says:

    Great ideas I can implement today for great success tomorrow! Thanks Karen!

  8. Tracie C. (Premier Designs) says:

    Your advice has changed the way I treat my business and how I think about my business. The bookings are already flowing in! Thank you.

  9. Elise Sosa says:

    Wow! Thank you Karen for the tips! I can’t wait to see you next week at Celebrating Home’s Rally! I use the open date card and always have host packets, but even with following up and following through, a lot of times I still have a hard time getting them to stay committed and hold their parties! I’m looking forward to more tips and Thank You for all you do for us!

  10. Connie Teter says:

    I am getting back on track and your tips are wonderful. Thank you, Karen.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I just started direct selling. I have only done 2 parties on my own, one practice one for family and one for a good friend of mine. I listened to your last webinar and it instilled in me a mindset of the fact that people should book parties for THEMSELVES. That is hard for me as a Norwex consultant, because my hostess DOES NEED a booking in order to get all of her benefits. But it is still much more effective to say the guests should host a party for THEMSELVES and their families to share these revolutionary products with them. And say nothing along the lines of making it seem like a favor to either myself or the hostess. I had three guests at my first party, two of them booked and the third is a “definitely later” after she has her baby. Thank you Karen!

  12. Chalena says:

    Thank you for a great article! Very motivating!

  13. Raelea Jones says:

    To insure that I got it, I wrote them down FREEHAND, to set these awesome tips in my brain and have them at my fingertips when I open my planner each day…..they are right there looking back at me, reminding me, keeping me on track for the day……NO MORE SUCKING SOUNDS!!! Thank you sooooo much for the enlightenment! Raelea

  14. LIse Medford says:

    Thank you for your encouragement and for putting me back on track. Lise

  15. Allison D says:

    Thank you very much for these tips, I am brand new to direct sales and this was chocked full of great ideas!

  16. Aimee says:

    Excellent tips!!!! Thank you

  17. Debbie says:

    Karen – You are such a great motivator. Thanks for everything you share and your willingness to help others. I want to try a booking game at my next tasting. Thanks.

  18. Love your tips and webinars. Your weekly quote is so true – once you change your attitude, your results will change too!

  19. Amy G says:

    Thank you for all of your great tips and guidance!

  20. Sara N says:

    Thanks for these wonderful tips!!!!!

  21. I love all of your tips.

  22. Karen

    Once again outstanding information that I can use today in my business and see results tomorrow!


  23. Bobbi Kerr says:

    Thank you for these words of wisdom to get bookings at parties! Very informative!!

  24. Becky says:

    I’m so glad I have found your website, I have been looking for tips to share with my team to get more party bookings, thank you for sharing.

  25. Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for these helpful tips!
    I am a new direct sales consultant and this is great!


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