24 Simple Ways to Grow Your Direct Selling Business and Move You Closer to Your Financial Independence!

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Part Two:

Would you like to have more guests in attendance at your parties? Here are a few things you can do to increase attendance.

13. Don’t leave the inviting of guests to chance. Your Hostesses are very busy during the summer and phone calls may never get done. Make sure you use the Hostess Triplicate 2 Guest List to insure guests are invited to your party.

14. Offer the Hostess a small gift ($3 maximum) to return the Guest List to you within 3 days.

15. Make sure you mail invitations, send e-mail invitations and have your Hostess make follow-up phone calls. Using all 3 of these methods will dramatically increase the attendance at your parties. With today’s technology I would even add texting into the mix as well as Facebook Event pages.

16. Remind your Hostess to call everyone a few days before the party so they don’t forget! The more contact your Hostess has with the invited guests the more she will have in attendance.

Have you been finding it impossible to find anyone who wants to join your company?

17. Stop TALKING and start listening. If you notice that most of the noise in the room is coming from you then it’s time to begin asking more questions and then LISTEN and DON’T INTERRUPT as they are giving their answer.

18. Ask “who do you know, that may be interested in earning an extra $600 to $1000 per month? Sometimes it’s easier to get someone interested by coming in the back door.

19. Remember, people are looking for opportunities to make extra income working a business alongside their family and full-time jobs. Don’t pre-judge because you have nothing to gain and everything to lose if you do!
Do you have leads that have been sitting on the “back burner” for months just waiting for the perfect time to join?

20. Call them now and put some “heat” on them. Learn how to ask questions that will create an uncomfortable feeling to compel people to move ahead and join today. The more you share information and the less questions you ask each prospect the greater your chance of “NEVER GETTING A RECRUIT.” Understand your prospects will only act when they feel that there is much to lose by not acting.

21. Play the Sponsoring Game at every party and get excited to make your follow-up phone calls, asking questions based on the answers provided in part 2 of the Sponsoring Game. (Part of the It’s a Party Out There program)
Do you need help with bookings, Hostess Coaching, sponsoring and mentoring your new recruits?

The step-by-step systems that are taught in the many products that are part of the “Ultimate Success Bundle” just may be the answer for your!

Are your recruits “stuck in muck” in their business? Are they struggling to get their business started? Would you like to increase the average sales your new recruits have in their first few months in the business? Try these simple techniques.

22. Make sure you ask enough questions during the interview to discover what your prospect would like to get from the business, before you show her how to join.

23. Give your new recruit homework at the interview. Schedule her launch or Grand Opening Party, give her dates to observe one or two parties and let her know when the scheduled training is.

24. Coach your new recruits for their first 6 weeks in the business as taught in the Master the Mechanics of Mentoring program. Make sure you have your new recruit call you after EVERY PARTY for the first 6 weeks and ask her specific questions to help her improve her bookings, sales and recruit leads every time she has another party!

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I’m absolutely certain that if you implement at least 10 of these simple ideas you will increase your Direct Selling business. Invest in yourself by purchasing and implementing the simple techniques taught in these training programs and watch your business and earnings explode!


  1. I have already begun implementing some of these great suggestions with positive results – I will definitely continue to implement more.  Thanks, Karen.

  2. amber says:

    Thanks! I always learn so much from you!

  3. Diana Gurrola says:

    Thanks so much! Great information!

  4. Melissa says:

    Karen, Thank you so much for allowing me access to your information. I can't believe how much I 've learned from you and Im so grateful to you for making this accessable to everyone who wants it. Some things that we think we may be doing, or should be doing…we just aren't. It's helped me so much. I have pages of notes. Thanks again.

  5. Amy Meyers says:

    I have listened to you through both TMA sets as well as just now signing up for your newsletter.  You have helped me a lot with concepts and attitudes.  The problem I have is that my business is unique in that I am selling the idea of the business – not a product. We provide energy and only have to have 10 customers signed up.  We make money by recruiting other business owners.  Any ideas when you aren't having the exposure to so many people from having parties?  I'm just trying networking groups, so I don't know how successful that will be yet.
    I love your quotes and your positive attitude!  I know I will learn a lot even though my situation is a little different.
    God Bless!

  6. maryellen williams says:

    thank karen, i just love all your tips to a succesful business, you are amazing, i just got back from conference and i am fired up to start my business

  7. Laura says:

    As always, great tips and twists on things already done that will explode business’ in the next dimension!

  8. Jacki Cobb says:

    Thank you so much, Karen!!  I really connect with what you say and how you say it!!!  Great job, and thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Joey says:

    Karen, you are a great mentor and filled with so much enthusiasm. It’s contagious – I appreciate that you share your first hand experiences so that others have an opportunity to grow their businesses! You truly have a servants heart….. thank you!

  10. Tia says:

    I had not been taught before to mail out the invitations to the parties myself. Thank you for that one tip alone… but thank you also for the others. You truly have given me a lot to think about as far as new ways to boost my business.

  11. I've been on many of your webinars and I've order merchandise. Everytime I read some of your advise or hear you speak, I learn so much more. You are a lady of knowledge!!!

  12. Karen,  thanks so much for the tips!  I need to jump start my business since I lost my regular non-fun job, and this is the way to do it!  You rock!

  13. Marsha says:

    Karen, Great basic advice for my business!

  14. Thanks Karen! Great advice to help my business grow!!

  15. Christine says:

    Hi Karen,
    How are you? I’m feeling a little low because I’ve got just 1 party on
    My calendar in Sept. I’m feeling like its hard to book on Sept.
    I lost 2 parties & I’m feeling down. Help! Please lift me back up!
    How can I recruit if I don’t have parties?

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