Are you a Direct Selling Olympian?

 As we look to the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing, China we cannot help but notice each athlete’s drive, ambition and willingness to work harder than those who are average in their sport. All athletes participating in the Olympics have one goal, to take home the Gold Medal.They have pushed themselves when there was not an ounce of energy left in their bodies. With enthusiasm and excitement they will continue to press on knowing they must take their chance now or wait for another 4 years.

How much harder would you work your Direct Selling business if you knew you only had one chance in 4 years to reach your goal?  Would you continually sell, sponsor, train and build a team for the 4 years leading up to the “Direct Selling Olympics” or would you quit one or two years into your training? Building a successful Direct Selling business is exactly like training for the Olympics. There will be times when you work hard and nothing happens. There will be times when you want to cry! There will be times when you want to quit! Then, just as you are ready to give up you get a glimpse of success!  You quiet your fears and pick up the pace. You must do the best you can, not just go through the motions. In the Olympics there is no luck, there is only hard work!
There are no “lucky people” in Direct Selling. You create our own luck.  You must work hard and seize opportunities that come your way and as you do you will notice how dramatically your luck changes.
Remove the roadblocks you put up for yourself. Refuse to blame your leader, the company, the economy, lousy hostesses, lazy recruits or anything or anyone else for your lack of success. The amount of your success is in direct proportion to the amount of enthusiasm and hard work you are willing to put into your business.
You are an Olympian! You can take the GOLD!  Your pursuit of success begins with YOU.
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