Are you still waiting for perfection in your Direct Selling business?

When you learn a new idea that could dramatically increase your results and INCOME in your Direct Selling business do you immediately begin to implement the new idea or principle? Do you wait to see the results others get when they implement it? Do you analyze what you learned before you try it to determine before you implement it whether or not it will work?

I am a DOER! If someone tells me to do something because I will benefit from it then I make a decision immediately to implement the new idea the first chance I get. I am not a QUITTER! So, even if the new idea does not work the way it was supposed to the first, second, third, fourth or fifth time I will NOT GIVE UP!

What is your attitude about implementing new ideas, tips or strategies? Do you find yourself constantly making excuses or do you jump in, start kicking and paddling and soon find yourself swimming into a “sea of money”? If you continually drag your feet make a conscious decision right now to procrastinate less when someone teaches you new ideas to grow your business.


  1. funfelt says:

    Wow this was just what I needed! I teach my team to stop getting ready to get ready and just do it, but I am guilty of not implementing a few things myself because I am “not ready”! Ha! Thanks for the kick in the pants! :) Your timing is perfect!!

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