Are You Tired of Fake Bookings?

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Are you one of the direct selling consultants who are sick and tired of having a “fake business?” Does your business exist on a hope and a promise. You know what I mean, your future host promises you she’ll have a party on a certain date and YOU HOPE she keeps her promise. Maybe I can help you out!

If you’ve followed me at all you know that I am a stickler for having good systems in place that produce results. Why? Because “good systems” work. Now you may already have a system but let’s face it, if you took time to examine it, it’s not so hot. Some people have told me, “I’m too old-fashioned.” I resemble that remark! Why, because old-fashioned works. New stuff works too! And the good news is when you marry the two together you can have a magical business that provides you with an extra-ordinary income and life-style freedom. You’d like those things, wouldn’t you?

So, if you want a little old-fashioned advice by all means, keep reading and you’ll discover some simple ways to have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

1. Stop allowing other people to run your business. Who’s the boss? You or your hostess? If you allow everyone to book parties when it’s convenient for them rather than when it’s convenient for you, you’ll soon become bitter about the business and end up in the “land of discontent.” It’s a simple as using the “Open Date Card” which you can download here and working days when it’s convenient for YOU and your family! If you don’t know how to use it properly, I explain it in detail in the It’s a Party Out There program as well as on my monthly booking teleseminar. Simple suggestion, don’t list all the days you can work in one month on the open date card, only lists dates available in a calendar week.

2. Stop offering too many options for guest inviting. You have someone who wants to book a party and you coach her something like this, “Now it’s really important to have lots of people in attendance at your parties so make sure you invite a lot (so far so good). Now how would you like to invite the people? If you want you can send me a list and I’ll mail invites for you or you can mail the invitations yourself. Oh, you know what, Facebook events are really cool, and we can just invite everyone through Facebook (now here’s a recipe for failure) and you can send emails to everyone to let them know the date (last count only 14% of emails get opened within 48 hours). Call me old-fashioned but if someone sets a date with me I WANT TO KNOW I’M GOING TO BE WORKING! If you would like to My recipe for success would be to get a guest list from her in 3 -4 days (YES, it can be done…lots of consultants are doing it with no problem). Then mail her invitations out 10 -14 days before the party. Have the hostess send text reminders to her friends a couple times. She can do a “save the date” text after she books and then send another a few days before the party. 91% of texts get opened vs only 14% of emails getting opened within the first 24 hours. You still can send an email invitation but make sure your hostess calls everyone a few days before the party to remind everyone to come and bring a friend. Facebook events can actually prevent people from showing up if they see no one else is coming so make sure your hostess invites other ways too!

3. Hostess Coach as Soon as she books. I’ve had many consultants tell me they have someone who says she will book and then they call her the next day to set a date, hostess coach and then mail her the hostess pack. I’m not sure why anyone would waste that much time when you have a captive audience right then. My suggestion, take a minimum of 6 hostess packs with you (you’ll need them when you play the booking game from the It’s a Party Out There” program. Then use the Open Date Card immediately and have her set a date. Review the entire contents of the hostess packet with her. Focus on how to invite guests,  getting outside orders and getting pre-party bookings. Don’t forget to have some information about the business opportunity in your hostess pack so you can invite each new host to join you in the business. Provide her with a “wish list” of what she would like to earn from her party so you can help her set a party sales and booking goal.

4. Send a Thank You for Booking Note. This seems like such a little thing and yet if you take a few minutes out the day after you book a host it will go a long way to secure the date for you. My note was personally hand-written by me (NO E-Mail) and I thanked her for booking, reminded her of her date and also to make sure she had the guest list to me within 3 days. I mailed it the following day so she would receive it about 3 days after she booked. If she procrastinated on getting me the guest list this simple thank-you reminder along with a call the following day and the guest list would be in my hands. With all this new technology it’s easy for you to send her an address label template which she can complete and email to you, if your company does not offer guest lists.

5. Call 3 days before the party to remind hostess of her party goal.  This personal call from you will help remind her to call her friends she has not heard from and work on outside orders and bookings from those who can’t attend. Many parties have been saved at the last minute when a hostess spends a little extra time on her calls. I remember a party I had a few years ago that I almost canceled because I hadn’t heard from very many and only had 2 people coming. I got on the phone, made some quick calls while I was making dinner and ended up with 12 people in attendance and a $1000 party. I was ready to call it quits but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Your hostess often feels the same way when she doesn’t have much response from her guests. Cheer her on and let her know you’ll be there no matter what so she might as well get on the phone to boost her attendance.

6. Don’t be afraid to book someone else if necessary. Hey, sometimes hostesses disappear into a black hole never to be heard from again. If you book a hostess and you cannot connect with her by phone, email or text and she is totally avoiding you, do yourself a favor and give the date to someone who is serious about earning free and discounted products. Your booking offer is too good to mess around with someone who isn’t serious and who will just waste your time!

7. Work your business like a business. If a party does cancel or postpone and you don’t have time to fill the date make sure you do something that will bring in more income. Take the time you set aside for business to make phone calls for more bookings and customer service calls.

Try these simple, old-fashioned techniques and watch your bookings, sales and income soar!




  1. Tameka Green says:

    I LOVED your "Jump Into January" webinar and I can't wait to hear "Jump Start Your Recruits" later on this week! I appreciate how you not only provide the 5 W's, but the HOW!!! January is shaping up to be a great month for me, thanks to your recommendations!!

  2. Karen Phelps says:

    Don't forget about the drawing for an Inner Circle Membership for leaving your comments.

  3. Hi Karen,
    I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak in person at a small event. Wow, what a difference you have made in my business! I am always so glad to hear new tips and tricks from you because your stuff really works. :)
    This time the title of it caught my eye. I have often had cancellations, sometimes at the last minute. Thank you so much for these tips to turn around even this part of my business. You are wonderful! :) Thank you!!

  4. Kellie Deane says:

    Wow! Such simple ideas that I totally needed to hear. I am going to try very hard to implement these in my business. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us in on your successful ideas.

  5. Tracy says:

    Love your ideas, news letters and webinars!  I have the CD's and DVD's and have listened to them on long road trips which motivates me to pick up the phone and start calling!  Thanks for all you do to help us with our businesses!

  6. Debra Holmes says:

    Love the title of this one.  "Fake Bookings"  I am going to put your ideas to work. I'll keep you posted on the results. 

  7. I have two jobs: selling real estate to first time home buyers and move up buyers in the north Atlanta area as well as sell a fabulous line of fashion jewelry from lia sophia. Both jobs are so fun and I love them! I still struggle with the balance between both jobs and my family so I’m always looking for a faster and better way to do things. And yes I’m a technology junky! So taking time to actually call when I can send a quick text or email. So this idea of doing everything old school with a taste of new (technology) is refreshing and so true!

  8. Loved the article and couldn’t agree more!! I don’t plan on ever taking the “old-fashioned” things (that STILL WORK) out of the party plan business!! :) Thanks Karen!

  9. Kara McCusker says:

    What a great article! It seems the easiest things are the ones we forget about the most. I love the idea of sending a thank you for booking card. I plan on implementing that right away.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Great reminder! The article definitely reminds me to keep it simple, deliberate, consistent and to treat my business as a business.

  11. tanya drewes says:

    Karen I just love you and your verbage and systems.  Thanks for EVERYTHING you put out there for our success!  Great title!  Looking forward to sharing this with my team.

  12. Hi Karen
    I signed up for your Jump Start Your Recruits Webinar, I am sooo looking forward to hear what you have to share ;)

  13. Sheila Riggs says:

    Thanks so much, Karen!  I love all of the tips you've given us!  I'm really excited to have my business soar this year!  :-D

  14. LaSheree says:

    Great info, I’m ready to try it.

  15. Thank you for this great article! I have shared it with fellow reps on my team.

    I also appreciate your webinars Jump Into January and Jump Start your recruits.
    I WILL be a leader, I WILL be a leader… ;)

  16. I loved this article! I like the way you keep things real and remind us that it is OUR business and we need to run it as such. I will definitely check out your other resources.

  17. Thank you for the tips. This is an area I have really struggled with. I will try your suggestions and let you know how it goes! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Amanda says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the great advice in this blog post. I linked it to my own blog so I can share it with my readers as well. Keep up the wonderful advice!

  19. Janice says:

    I love all your articles. They are really motivating and I am going to start implementing TOMORROW!

  20. Nicolette says:

    Love your articles and will most definitely share with a link back.

  21. Jay Rudman says:

    Karen – I couldn’t agree more! Of course, a handwritten thank you card for booking a party is an absolute must! Paperly’s Consultants have found a strong positive correlation between handwritten thank you notes and success. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we’re in the personalized stationery & gift industry :)

    - Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly
    The leading direct seller of personalized stationery& gifts


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