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Secrets to Summer Scheduling Booking Webinar Replay

Our 7'th Annual "Secrets to Summer Scheduling" Event is over however you can Register to  Watch the REPLAY

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Feedback from the Webinar

5 Calls = 2 Bookings!

"I attended a “live” seminar you did in the Kansas City Mo area  – It’s a party out there a couple of years ago now.  I have listened to a couple of your calls and done a couple of webinars since.Of course the “live” version is always the best but the other afternoon’s webinar was really a good seminar with lots of meat and useful ideas that I will take back to my business.
As a matter of fact , I got on the phone yesterday for 20 minutes, made 5 calls, reached two people to talk to and booked two shows using ideas and words I had learned at the webinar and from the other experiences with you. I am learning to be more consistent and going outside my box so that I can have the money I want for me and my family. Thanks for the opportunities you provide and the gift of your knowledge of the direct selling business." ~ Christina

Open- Date Card De-Mystified

"I love your webinar–it was exactly what I needed to hear.  Even though I had the Open Date Card I did not know how to use it.  Now I know how–and it has totally de-mystified how to set up your calendar.  Looking at the entire month totally overwhelmed me and I think that was  coming through when I tried to book parties.  Now I have just a few dates to offer, feel very positive in what I am saying and the parties are getting booked." ~ Natalie

If I hadn't found YOU I would have Given UP!

"This was Awesome as Always Karen so much I will Implement right away.  I'm so glad I was on the call again this evening.  You were Awesome as Always and Can't wait to receive my Blueprint for Success & Prosperity and so EXCITED for Leadership Bootcamp next week!! Love You Karen! You and your work ALWAYS ReMotivate Me Every day and If I Hadn't found you and heard of you I would have already GIVEN UP!!!  Thank You so much for New HOPE!!" ~ Lisa Kahre


"Informative,fun, exciting, wonderful, many thanks. Best 1 and 1/2 hrs I have spent in a long  time." Heather

"Have listened to MANY different webinars to motivate myself to get past my fears…. none pumped me up like you just did!!!!!! AWESOME" Lisa

"Thank you very much!  I can't wait to put some of this into practice.  I am excited to book some summer shows now after this last hour and a half with you." ~ Melissa

"I could stay on all day and listen to you, but have to get ready for my 3rd party this week!  Thanks so much for the good info." Linda

"Karen thank you so much for the awesome and informative webinar. I can't wait to get the info about the Las Vegas Seminar. I hope I get to meet you in person. U really make it easy to follow thru if U just take action!" Christy Heal

"Thank you Karen… Now I must start to implement and get off my lazy bum." Samaria

"This is my first Karen Phelps webinar and I am hooked!  Thank you this is just what I needed to motivate my team and although I'm booked through August, I am motivated to do it bigger and better!  I needed this!" ~
Vanessa Sanders

Not so happy listener

"I have listened to your webinars, had you teach us at conventions, own ALL your materials…. And I have been debating whether to mention my thoughts about yesterdays webinar.  Then you sent the email asking for feedback so I decided I would. As I said, I have listened to you MANY times and have loved and gleened much.  HOWEVER, yesterday, after about the first 10 minutes I turned it off and did not finish.    After about the 50th time you said “GET OFF YOUR BUTT” I had had enough.  Very unprofessional language, used time and time and time again.  Just didn’t need to hear it.  There are other ways to motivate, and encourage…..  Once or twice would have driven the point…. But really I will be honest, that was ALL I was hearing. Sad as I really could have used the motivation this month." (name withheld)

WARNING! Harsh language "get off your butt" will be used so if this is offensive to you please don't watch this video

I'm sorry if I offended anyone and if you also tuned out early you missed some "business changing" information. In my defense I'm sure it wasn't 50 times and most of the testimonials above came from people on the SAME CALL, so if you are up to listening to someone who won't listen to your excuses and need some help getting motivated feel free to watch this webinar replay!

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Direct Selling Jump Into January Teleseminar

January used to be one of my favorite times of the year for booking parties and I often found myself with more bookings than I could handle. Anyone can have lots of successful parties in January! All it takes is some determination and preparation and you too can have as many bookings as you'd like in January.Teleseminars and events online

Join me on Wednesday, December 8'th at 1:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. Eastern for my annual Jump Into January Teleseminar that has helped tens of thousands of direct sellers fill their calendar with January parties!

You'll learn:

    * How to prepare a special offer for January Hosts
    * A simple script for making calls to get January bookings
    * How to create a partnership with your hostess to get more bookings
    * My secret weapon that helped me secure and hold 16 – 20 parties EVERY JANUARY!
    * Plus lots more…
      So, make sure you register for this spectacular call and get ready to have a great start in 2010. When you register you can join me for either call!

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Avoid Sabotaging Your New Recruit’s Chances for Success

After watching this video if you want to join me for the "5 Mistakes that will sabotage Your New Reruit's Success and How to Avoid Them" Webinar
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Simple Leadership System Will Get YOU on Track for BIG BONUS CHECKS!

Listen to  several leaders and myself on a special call and you may or may not have had time in your busy schedule to listen in! You’ll hear  some POWERFUL INFORMATION ON WHAT DIRECT SELLING LEADERS ARE DOING TO BUILD THEIR TEAMS AND INCREASE THEIR INCOMES!! Make sure you listen to the WHOLE CALL AS EVERYONE SHARES DIFFERENT INFORMATION ON WHAT’S WORKING FOR THEM!

If you were on the call you would have heard:

1. Brenda with Pampered Chef share she LOVES HAVING A STEP-BY-STEP Leadership System to use as well as to teach other leaders on her team! She also shared how her new “Success Training” for new recruits is so good the new recruits are soaring past the seasoned veterans (who are unwilling to participate in the training) and how the new recruits are not only selling BUT ALSO SPONSORING. She has a new director and 7 Senior Consultants since she began implementing what she learned from “The Leadership Blueprint!”
2. Tina with Jewels by Park Lane who earned her first trip ever, a trip for 2 to Aruba! On a recent Direct Selling Doctor Gold Plus coaching call, Tina realized she had been wasting valuable time on the internet and cut down her internet use by 2 hours per day and has been getting many more “income producing” activities done. She began holding monthly meetings and sending out team newsletters and she is now getting more done in less time!
3. Maura with Tastefully Simple has a small team and she realized goal-setting was hard for her. Because she wasn’t doing well on her goals it was hard to work with her team on their goals. Using “The Leadership Blueprint”  she began to break down her goals into bite-sized pieces and is now 1/2 way to reaching the team sales goal she set for 2010 so she knows she’ll not only reach it but surpass it by thousands of dollars!
4. Kara from Gold Canyon invested in the system after she lost her leadership title. Devastated and ready for some drastic measures she realized she was constantly putting off things because of her desire for everything to “BE PERFECT” before she began! She needed a step-by-step way of doing things. She now uses the Interview to qualify leads, trains her recruits better and has MORE RECRUITS HITTING THEIR QUICK START LEVELS than ever before! Kara has also regained her title and is close to moving up to the next level!
5. Platinum Direct Selling Doctor member, Rosemary with Beauti-Control who understands the Power of Knowledge and having tools to work the business. She learned to listen to the people on her team and began teaching the “disgruntled consultants” how to book more spas and control their calendar. She is no longer signing up kit-nappers and with a “new attitude” is now FOCUSED on HELPING NEW RECRUITS REACH THEIR INCOME GOALS by challenging them to be ABOVE AVERAGE!
6. Platinum Direct Selling Doctor member, Jessie returned from the Leadership Bootcamp last fall and earned the promotion she had been working on for years in 2 months! Her team sales are up 30% over last year and her income is up 58%! ! Jessie is quick to implement what she learns and immediately began duplicating “the SYSTEM”, introducing ongoing Opportunity Meetings, new meeting formats and an exciting new team recognition program! She averages 30 new team members each month and has been using the system to keep promoting new consultants as fast as she can! SHE IS ON FIRE and the “Leadership Snowball” she has created in her team will be hard to beat!

It was exciting to hear each leader share how she discovered the areas where improvement was needed and used “THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT” to move her past the obstacles and toward success. Each leader invested in the Leadership Bootcamp or the Leadership Blueprint at different points in their careers. Some were new consultants who knew they wanted to develop a strong team from the beginning, while others were leaders who were” stuck” in the business and unable to move past a certain level. All of them arrived with a DESIRE AND DETERMINATION to SUCCEED!

If you would like to hear their stories and what they did to get unstuck I’ll have the replay of the call up for a short time!

You can call (712) 432- 0453 pin 6745228# anytime 24/7 BUT HURRY because it won’t be there long! When you are done listening make sure you go to
Now… if you really are ready to get out of the quicksand that is preventing you from earning $50,000, $100,000 or more in annual income from your direct selling business you should check into “The Leadership Blueprint” that has helped so many other leaders by providing them with an A-Z Leadership system for finding, calling & interviewing prospects, training and coaching new recruits to success, finding future leaders and moving them into leadership and all the ins and outs of holding opportunity meetings, training classes, team meetings and lots more you’ll want to check it out before the price increases by $50 on June 7′th!

The Leadership Blueprint not only comes with DVDs, CDs, Binder and Template for all materials it allows you to join us for the next “Mastering Direct Selling Leadership for 6-Figure Income” Webinar Series which begins on June 15′th. Hurry so you’ll have your binder and everything you need before the first class begins!

Effective Marketing to Increase Sales & Profits for Direct Sales

“Marketing is an ongoing process of finding, attracting, selling and keeping enough of the right kind of clients to maintain an increasingly profitable business!” Nido Qubein

Marketing is an integral part of having a successful direct selling business! I amazed at how many consultants and leaders don’t have an effective marketing system for their business that will find, sell and keep customers to grow their business and increase their income!

Each month I host a special call for my Direct Selling Doctor members with various guests but every once in awhile I have a topic that I feel is so important I need to get the message to the members myself! This month I realized that too many people are needlessly struggling to get their direct selling business on track so the special webinar on Monday, March 29′th is “Effective Marketing to Maximize Sales and Profits”

Then I realized there are many people who can gain valuable information from her! Here’s my dilemna! Direct Selling Doctor members invest in themselves when invest in the membership and one of their benefits is this monthly call so it’s not fair to them to have others join us for no investment. But, I also know some of you could really use the information!

On this webinar you will learn:

* How to set into motion a consistent plan of promoting, prospecting and selling your services.
* How to Structure a referral system that works to fill your pipeline.
* How to set up a simple and effective system to follow up with customers and hostesses.
* How to create attention getting subject lines and headlines
* How to create an appreciation program for your hostesses
* Simple tools of the trade that will help multiply your business
* Plus much more…

So, here is what I’m willing to do! You can join me on the call tonight one of 2 ways!

1. You can register now to become a direct selling doctor member and you will have access to the webinar information on the membership site. Your monthly membership will insure that you never miss out on valuable information. Not to mention the hundreds of articles and previous calls you can learn from that are already on the site. To check out the Direct Selling Doctor membership go to

2. For a small investment of only $27 you can join me on Monday night’s webinar only. You won’t have access to the membership site and all the other bonuses but you can still learn how to market your direct selling business from someone who knows what to do to get results. If you prefer this option just click on the link RIGHT AWAY so you can have access to the call. You’ll also get to download the webinar replay to watch again!

Direct Selling Leadership Teleseminar Replay – 5 Ways to Get Your Recruits to Sell More

The second direct selling leadership teleseminar “5 ways to Get Your Recruits to Earn More Money for You” is available for replay. This call is 90 minutes long.

You will learn:

How to find out what the “Average Consultant Value” is of your recruits and how to increase it.

What are the 5 most important things you need to train your recruit on, or she’s doomed from the start.

Why your party is the best place to train and what you need to do at every party to insure your recruits learn how to recruit, book and sell.

How to help your new recruit sign up her first recruit within her first 30 – 60 days.

The most critical “mindshift” you will need to make if you want to become a phenomenal leader.

You don’t want to miss this call so hurry to register and listen as soon as you can.

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Direct Selling Booking Teleseminar


Monday, July 13′th
at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, 12:00 p.m. Central, 11:00 a.m. Mountain, 10:00 a.m. Pacific (and Arizona)
OR 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, 7:00 p.m. Mountain and 6:00 p.m. Pacific (and Arizona)
I want you to join me for the monthly teleseminar that has already helped thousands of direct sellers add more bookings to their calendar. I’ll empower you by providing you with the words to say when you make those all important phone calls. You’ll learn how to control your booking calendar to work only when YOU WANT TO WORK (after all isn’t that one of the reasons you joined your direct selling company?

The call is free and will last approximately 75 minutes so clear your calendar and find a quiet place to listen and by all means get your writing hand ready. This content filled teleseminar is filled with information that when implemented will add thousands of dollars in sales and earnings! This call is not replayed so if you Snooze You Lose and you’ll have to wait until August for the next teleseminar!


Here’s what past participants are saying about previous calls:

Karen, I just wanted to send you a quick note about the 5 calls for 10 days. I got a booking with my 1st phone call.  Wording it different made all the difference in the world!  She couldn’t say no!!!! Cherry Harp

Karen: I recently had the pleasure of listening in on the booking teleseminar and it was outstanding! It was exactly the “shot in the arm and kick in the pants I needed to get moving again!” Every time I tune in to one of your teleseminars, I learn some new and valuable techniques and verbage that I can use to motivate not only myself but to pass along to my team. It also gave me positive confirmation that what I am doing is right! You never cease to thrill me with your charm, wit and expertise. It is always so great to hear it “live” as opposed to reading a book. Thank You! I can’t wait until the next one! Sherry Steffen, Division Manager for Jewels by Park Lane

“Hi Karen, First of all thank you for your time last night. The call was very informative and motivating. So I got off the phone going, wow, this is great and I know it will work, however, I don’t have anywhere near 50 people I could call. So, I thought well hell, I will give it a try, and call 5 people tonight and see where it goes, I don’t have anything to lose.. I booked 2 parties, and I booked a party for one of our other consultants because I could not accommodate the date they needed. (already had a party) Thanks again!! You are wonderful!!” Kathy Phelan Because I did not have anywhere near 50 people to call, I offered a bonus gift, to my first 5 calls if they could come up with 3 referrals each within the next 48 hours. I got a call this morning with my first 3 referrals! Thanks again, you are wonderful. Kathy Phelan

Ask the Expert Direct Selling Teleseminar

During this teleseminar I will answer questions submitted by Direct Sellers from around the world.

This teleseminar will be held on Thursday, April 23′rd at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, 7:00 p.m. Mountain and 6:00 p.m. Pacific. When you ask a question you will automatically be registered for the call and you will receive a Free Chapter from “The Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling”

Ask a Question and Register for the Call

Booking Bonanza Monthly Teleseminar

Make sure you register for the next “Booking Bonanza” Teleseminar to be held on Tuesday, March 3′rd at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, 7:00 p.m Mountain and 6:00 p.m. Pacific.

You will learn:

  • Why you are doing the business
  • How to control your calendar and book when you want
  • Who to call and what to say to get bookings
  • 3 tips to get 3 bookings from every party
  • and much more!If you have new team members do them a favor and have them register for the call that can explode their direct selling business.

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OMG ~ I absolutely loved the Booking teleseminar! I am w/ Pure Romance and have had the honor of seeing you several times and I got so much out this. I am also in Michigan and I booked 5 parties last week and am looking forward to booking more this week using some of the things that were discussed on this call. I have been selling for over 6 years and cannot wait to apply some of the items that were discussed and roll this out at my next team meeting. I have my phone call list ready to go and will be making my 5 phone calls today ~ so looking forward to the outcome. I bought your large package at one of our trainings and absolutely love them!! Thanks so much for the kick in the butt that I needed!!!!!!

Shelia Cuschieri