NO Excuses!

“When confronted with a problem you have one of two choices to make. You can find an excuse for the problem or find a way to solve it. Ultimately the choice is yours.” ~
Karen Phelps

Last week I mentioned that having a direct selling business is a lot like having a garden. You must tend to your customers, hostesses and team just like you would the flowers in your garden. It’s not always easy but in the end your garden and your business look just the way you want them!

This week I thought I’d share few thoughts as to why people make excuses. I decided to make this a 2-part article with the first week focusing on how to overcome making excuses and next week focusing on how to overcome excuses others give you! You’ll want to read both parts so watch for next week’s newsletter!

You know, I’m not much different from you in many ways. I have fantastic family, I’m working from home, I have my plate more than full and sometimes I don’t get out of my office until 10:00 at night. Other times, (like last weekend) I just blow everything off and have fun, which I’m entitled to do once in awhile.

There is one thing I try never to do though and that is to “give excuses” as to why something isn’t done, hasn’t been started, or isn’t important enough to show up. I try my best to hold myself accountable in everything I do! For example, I volunteer through the Waterford Rotary Club,  where I’ll take over as Club President June 30′th. No one is busier than I am and yet I show up at fund-raisers and events, mentor a high-school student and attend the weekly meetings every Tuesday unless I’m traveling. I made a commitment to the club when I joined and there is no reason to go back on my word or begin giving excuses as to why I can’t be where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to complete 2 books this year so every morning I am up by 7 a.m. (many days by 6 a.m.) and in my office writing. If I don’t discipline myself then down the road when the projects aren’t finished I’ll be looking for excuses as to why they aren’t done! I’m no different than anyone else, of course it’s NEVER MY FAULT! Hey we begin placing the blame on outside sources at a very early age, remember the broken case that wasn’t your fault? How about the homework that the dog ate? How about the time you struck out because you weren’t ready when the pitcher through the ball? I’ll bet you can go back and think of hundreds of times when you made an excuse BUT you are a grown-up now and it’s time to shape up!

In my many observations of people through the years I have discovered the most successful people DON’T MAKE EXCUSES! It is always easier to blame someone or something else for your lack of follow-through or commitment. It’s easier to blame the economy for lackluster sales than it is to “LEARN HOW TO PROSPER IN ANY ECONOMY.” I’m constantly amazed that 2 people living in the same town working for the same sales company can have totally different results. One will struggle getting people to book and hold parties while another will go on to set a company record for high sales. The big difference is the successful consultant will have a GREAT ATTITUDE and WON’T MAKE EXCUSES! The other consultant will have a lousy attitude and is constantly looking for excuses.

So in case I struck a nerve with you, I want you to really START PAYING ATTENTION to what you do on a daily basis and how many times per day you make an excuse. In fact I’m going to challenge you to keep a list and write them down. The only way you can correct something is to make a conscious change to do so! Then, there’s a great teleseminar this week on how to fill your calendar with bookings that will be held at 2 different times (sorry, no replay) so if you need bookings I’d find a way to be on the call! There’s another great leadership call where you can listen to leaders share what’s working to build their teams and increase their income,  you should probably find time to listen to that call too!  The number for the replay is (712) 432-0453 Pin 6745228#.
You see, I’m trying to help you by providing F*R*E*E resources for you BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP! No Exuses, right?
Here’s to YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!
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Meeting & Training Success Action Steps

I just returned home from a 4-day training event I attended in Las Vegas and my brain was on overload with all the information I learned in these jam-packed sessions! Has this ever happened to you? Have you attended an event and you listen, take notes and then come home on overload and put the notes away and never get around to making any changes in your life or business? Well, I have to confess that as good as I am at taking control, I often find myself out-of-control after seminars and training because I didn’t take the time to immediately create my action plan with a FEW STEPS I COULD TAKE IMMEDIATELY!

This training was quite an investment on my part so I knew I wanted to get everything I could out of it PLUS MORE! So can I share five secrets on what I did during and after the event to get results?

1. I wrote my notes in the meeting binder so they would be in one place for review instead of writing on my own legal pad and then wondering where I put it! :) Actually had quite a few fill-in-the-blank handouts so it just made sense instead of re-writing everything which I am often inclined to do!

2. Took my “yearly notebook” where I have all my notes for the year as well as goals and list of things to do each week with me to the event. At the end of each day I reviewed my notes and created a list of things that I had to do “this week” and checked to see what needed to go on the list. In other words, anything that was a “must do right away item.”

3. Kept my meeting binder and notebook with me in my carry-on traveling home and re-read ALL MY NOTES from the training! This is very important because we do not retain past 48 hours 95% of the information we hear! During the review process I discovered a few more items that needed to be added to my must do this week list.

4. Numbered my “must do list” from this weekend in order of importance and made sure there were less than 7 things on the list which gives me a much better chance of ACTUALLY GETTING IT DONE!

5. Started doing the things on your list the very next day! DON’T WAIT! The longer you wait the less likely you are to implement what you learned. I’ve discovered over the years the fastest way to success is to implement what you learned immediately into your business. Don’t wait to do it perfectly just get it done!

Truth about Direct Selling

Direct Sales…is it for you?
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Direct Sellers You Can Do Anything You Want if You Go to Work!

What’s your reason for working your business?
Do you know why you need to get up and go to work in your business consistently?
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Direct Selling – Goals

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Apolo Anton Ohno goes for the Gold

“I wanted to leave my heart and soul on the ice today.”
Apolo Anton Ohno after becoming the most decorated Athlete in the Winter Games

Gotta confess, I love watching the Olympics! I love watching someone at the top of their game competing for a medal. Of course I’m excited by all the US wins but I’m also excited for all the athletes who put forth their best efforts. When you watched the Olympics did you make a mental note of what each participant dd to block outsided distractions? Many of the snowboarders and skiers were listening to their ipods, and other athletes went into a corner to get themselves composed before the competition. What do you do when you want to block outside distractions that threaten to take your focus? It’s not always easy to get yourself in the moment, however these athletes know they MUST DO THEIR BEST because it’s another 4 years until they get another chance! Yikes!
When’s the last time you put your heart and soul into something? Many of us pass through life getting by but not really putting our heart and soul into anything. Whether it is your relationships, your job, your family, your church or community much can be said for going all out! I know when I go all out for something I may be physically and mentally exhausted, but at the same time there is a feeling of exhilaration at having accompished something I set out to do!
Here’s a few tips to help you get the Olympic spirit in your life and business!

1. Have a dream. The athletes who participated in the Olympics set a dream to one day be there! People are often afraid to dream because they don’t want to be let down and yet EVERY great achievement begins with a dream! Dream Big!
2.  Get Help. Athletes have coaches that keep them in the game. The role of a coach is important because you can show up every day for practice but if you are doing it wrong it doesn’t matter how much you practice. You’ll only be more consistent and doing it the wrong way. We need coaches for different areas of our lives. Your leader and company support staff are there to help you and show you the right way to do it! If you aren’t getting the results you want you can look for someone on the outside that will help you work through any barriers and keep you on track
3 . Work Hard. Athletes don’t just show up for practice once in awhile. Practice is important to make sure you are doing it right. Once your coach has helped you with the skills you need to know to compete it’s up to you to make sure you do it often! Let’s face it, someone can show you 3 sure-fire ways to get bookings at every party but if you only practice doing it once or twice per month you’ll never get good at it! The harder you work the luckier you’ll get!
4. Avoid negative people. There will always be someone who doesn’t feel you DESERVE something. There will always be people in your life (often someone close to you) who doesn’t believe like you do and who will try to bring you down. Walk away. Ignore them. Don’t reply, just turn and walk away and don’t you dare let anyone steal your dream away from you!
5. Keep your head in the game. It’s really easy to become discouraged as you pursue your dreams and goals. There will be bumps in the road! There will be challenges but within every challenge lies a new opportunity. Listen to motivational CDs, read motivational books and stories of others who have relentlessly pursued their dreams. Create your own mantras to repeat to yourself everyday! The 6 inches between your ears is critical to your success because if your mind doesn’t believe you will never achieve!

Well, I’m disappointed the Winter Olympics are over for another 4 years but the good news is the Summer Games are only a couple years away.There is nothing that excites my soul as much as watching someone passionately pursuing their dreams except of course to be passionately pursuing mine. So I’ll keep on dreaming, I’ve already hired a coach to help me create a plan and teach me the skills I need to take my game to the next level. I will continue reading to learn and grow and I’ll not share my dreams with anyone who doesn’t believe in me and my dream and most importantly I will work hard on the RIGHT THINGS so that my dreams will become a reality!

In my mind I have already accomplished my dream the only thing left is to do it! To learn more about Karen’s motivational keynotes contact our office at (248) 625-4897 or email

5 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated

Last night Larry and I arrived back home around 10:30 p.m. after a long day flying home from Vegas. Our short layover in Detroit got a lot longer once the snow began to fall and we ended up leaving an hour later than scheduled for the quick flight to the Flint airport which is only 20 minutes from our home. Four hours after landing in Detroit we started questioning how sane we were to book a connecting flight when we could have been home 2 1/2 hours earlier if we had flown out of Detroit.  Finally fell into bed around midnight and set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. this morning so I could get ready for our Rotary Board Meeting which began at 7:30 a.m.

Once I got home from the Board meeting Ireally wanted to go back to bed but I looked at my schedule and everything I had to do today and said to myself, “well, that’s not going to happen!” So here I am knocking out this newsletter, getting ready for a webinar tonight and another one next Tuesday night and trying to get a few edits done on my new motivational book that’s coming out this year! All this AND I REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING!

What about you? Do you find yourself lagging behind because you can’t get yourself motivated to begin (or end) a project? If you do, here’s a few simple tips I use to make sure I stay motivated to get things done!

1. Get Focused & Write it Down . If you bask in the glory of your accomplishments like I do than it is crucial for you to have lists. Lists of projects, lists of goals and deadlines for anything that’s on the list. If it’s on my list IT WILL GET DONE on or before the deadline (most of the time). I’m human too and I’ve been know to extend the deadline if I needed to in order to have the project “done right” not just “done.”

2. Get some exercise. A ll right, I know some of you are ready to scream at me right now because you don’t feel like you have any time to exercise but what if you did? Would you do something to get yourself moving? In order to make sure I get my exercise in before the daily grind I do my exercising first thing in the morning. I know I’ll have a much more productive day if I get 30 minutes of exercise in the morning. It will also help you be more alert all day long.

3. Listen to Motivational CDs or Read Motivational Books. People often ask me, “who motivates the motivator?” I listen to Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and the late Jim Rohn just to name a few. I invest more in my mental well-being in a year than most people do in their lifetimes. I never take a walk, ride my bike or exercise without listening to something motivational or educational. Using this method you can combine 2 & 3 together for an instant pick-me-up!

4. Learn from people who are or have been where you want to be. In this new rapidly changing age of technology you have to be careful who you follow and who you learn from. Many people are great at telling you what to do but not how to do it. Make sure you follow people who have had results (not just one time results either) and who can teach you how to have the same results. When I was in direct selling I went to our number one leader and asked her what she did (and I wasn’t even on her team.) I did what she told me, plus added a few things of my own and started my quest to be the best leader I could be.

5. Keep it in Balance. I’ve done the working from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. thing before and I know I’m not a happy camper when I do! I’ve been a crazy woman when I was working on earning a company trip and I remember one time when the laundry didn’t make it off the table downstairs for at least a couple weeks. Heck, they were lucky it was laundered let alone folded and put away! Sometimes, when I’m getting close to a deadline I start getting a little crazy again and I lose my sense of peace and harmony. I know I can’t keep up at the current pace and so I do what I need to do to get my life in balance again. I might take a long walk, read a novel, take a nice long bath while listening to something that will calm and soothe me. Once I’ve had some “me time” I feel better again. You can only put yourself off for so long and then you’ll become resentful of whatever it is that’s not in balance so work on this as often as you need to and you’ll find you be more motivated than ever before.

The faster pace of today’s world brings with it many challenges for keeping motivated and on track in our personal and professional life. Learning to say “NO” or “Give me 24 hours to think about it before I give you my decision” will go a long way toward helping you have the time to do some of the things YOU WANT TO DO. When you are focused on doing what’s best for yourself as well as for others you won’t have much trouble staying motivated. If all else fails, TAKE A VACATION!

To learn more about Karen’s motivational keynotes contact our office at (248) 625-4897 or email

Make it Happen in 2010!

Make it Happen in 2010!

Work like you don’t need the money.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

Life is too short to worry about “what may happen.” It’s time to alter your course and begin to take control of your destiny.

You are capable of doing magnificent things. If you are not doing them it is because “you chose not to.”

Stop blaming others and begin to look at yourself!

“You are exactly where you planned to be on January 1, 2009!”

If you made no plans for 2009 maybe it’s time you did things differently this year!

You can learn new skills to increase your income.  You can read more books to become knowledgeable.

If you don’t take time to relax, give yourself permission to do so this year! Relax with a book, meditate, calm your mind and your fears!

This world is a wonderful place for those who are determined to look for the good.

There are hundreds of thousands who volunteer their times. There are hundreds of thousands who donate money to those less fortunate.

You hear stories of people who have overcome major obstacle and still LOVE LIFE!

No one can help you be happier! No one can help you live a fuller life! YOU MUST be willing to help YOURSELF!

Once you have determined  “Your future is in your hands”, your future will indeed be bright!

May you make 2010 your best year…so far!!! Happy New Years!

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9 Ways to Have Stress Free Holidays

1. Make your “To Do Lists Now” (try to have done at least 2 – 3 weeks in advance)

  • Make a list of people you need to buy gifts for and amount you are spending. Keep it with you so if you are doing other shopping and you see something that would be great for someone on your list you can mark it off. Consider shopping online and through catalogs.
  • Make a list of parties you are attending. If you need to bring something (a dish to pass etc.) plan ahead for ingredients you’ll need. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Make a list of parties or get-togethers you are hosting. Have a complete list of everything you will need to do and have on hand for the party. Example: Centerpiece – Holly greens, candles, berries, ornaments, wire. Punch – Fruit Punch, 7-up, pineapple juice, sparkling grape juice. Hors d’oeurves – pita bread, cream cheese, green onions, sliced ham. Holiday plates, cups, napkins, glasses, silverware, etc. You get the picture. The more complete your list the easier it is to remember everything.

2. SPEND TIME DOING THINGS WITH YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN. Kids keep the magic in Christmas. Plan a special event that can become your holiday tradition.
3. Cut down on the people you buy for. This is a tough one. Don’t spend more than you can afford or you’ll be stressed after the holidays paying off debts. Ask yourself, “why am I buying for this person?” I know people that have been exchanging gifts for years, neither want to exchange anymore, but each is afraid to say something to the other person. Speak up! Consider drawing names rather than buying for everyone in the family.
4. It’s about more than just presents! Remember that it’s a season. Celebrate every day! Use your Christmas china the whole month of December, not just on Christmas. Put your tree up early so you can enjoy it! If you decorate outside do it before it gets bitterly cold.
5. Don’t make all the cookies yourself. Do a “cookie exchange” with friends, family and co-workers. Have each person make 1 to 2 dozen cookies for each member in the exchange. You’ll end up with a wide assortment of cookies with very little effort.
6. Take some time for yourself each week. “NO FEELING GUILTY”!
Take a bubble bath and surround yourself with candles.
Read a good Christmas story. My favorites are “The Christmas Shoes” and “The Christmas Box”
See a Christmas play or concert
Take a night away with your spouse or friend
Go sledding, skating or play in the snow (if there is any)
Take an afternoon nap (and don’t feel guilty)
Write a letter (not E-mail) to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile
Get your hair and or nails done
7. Don’t worry about the after Christmas sales. (I can’t believe I used to get up at 5:00 a.m. just to go shopping the day after Christmas.) Now there are just as many good sales before Christmas as there are after.
8. Get in touch with “your inner self”. Take time to list all the fantastic things you have accomplished this past year. Make your goals and plans for the next year.
9. Volunteer. When we see others who are less fortunate than we are it helps us to keep everything is perspective. Add the less fortunate to your list and help with toy and food donations. Remember, “it is better to give than to receive”.
Use these suggestions and enjoy the holiday season.
This newsletter is copyrighted © December 2004 by Phelps Positive Performance, Inc. You may share this newsletter as long as full credit is given to the author and this copyright is attached.

Are you a Thinker, Doer or Avoider?

How you handle new information tells a lot about what type of person you are and how well you will do in business and in life.

What do you do with the information you learn?

1. Review it, think about it, review it again, think about if it will work and what will happen if it doesn’t and implement only if you think everything will work out well?

2. Review it, implement the information as soon as you can and hope for the best. After implementation review and make changes if necessary.

3. Review the information and discard it because it’s too difficult to change what you are already doing or because you DO NOT TRUST the source?

By answering this question you’ll find out if you are a thinker#1, a doer#2 or an avoider #3. Here’s a little tip. Most of the great successes in life are doers! You can have brilliant mind and no money if you never take action on what you learn!

Implementation is the Key to Success and the missing link for most people who wander aimlessly in mediocrity. It’s time to take action NOW!

Well, how did you do?