Christmas in our new home

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and that you took time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.  We finally moved into our new home on December 16′th and the move was not without it’s challenges. For all of you who are running a business from your home you know the challenges that come from being without the technology we are used to on a day to day business and that was the hardest for me to handle. Wow, I never knew how dependant I am on the internet and telephone until I had to go without both of them for a few days. Of course had I been given all the proper information when I called for the installation it would have probably went smoother. After five trips out to the new house our tv’s and our internet are finally working! For all of you who tried to email or contact me forgive me if it takes awhile to catch up. Our new office phone number is (248) 625-4897.

We are loving our new home and after one week of staying up late and getting up early we had unpacked enough and had our tree and a few decorations up. We had family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and had an enjoyable time relaxing and entertaining.

We are still unpacking the 12′ x 42′ storage area over the garage and figure if we take one box a day we will clean it out in about a year! I tried to part with some of my treasures I had accumulated over the past thirty years of living in our old home but I don’t think I got rid of enough! Hey, you never know when you might need that thing-a-majig.

Anyway, we are in, and slowly but surely we are getting back to normal around here. I think I’ll be here for another thirty years because moving is not my cup of tea! Enjoy the rest of the holiday week and get ready to have a tremendous 2007!

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