Creating an Experience for your Customers

I just flew from Detroit, Michigan to Calgary, Alberta today and I had the most delightful flight attendant in First Class (one of the benefits of my thousands of miles in the air). Her name was Vivia (no “n”) and she created a wonderful experience for all of us in First Class.

First, she had the list of everyone who was seated in First Class and when she came to us she addressed us by name. “Ms. Phelps, what would you like to drink?” Now, I’ve been seated in First Class often and I will tell you that probably only once of every 10 flights (that’s being generous) does the flight attendant address us by name.

Throughout the entire flight she would ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Phelps? Are you sure you have everything you need?” She continued to use each passengers name (there were 16 of us in all) even after she did not have her list with her.

But, it was when we were about to land that she came to each of us individually and thanked us for flying Northwest and she was glad we were on her flight today!

Let me ask you a question. Do you take time to learn the names of the guests who attend your parties. Are you using their name to draw them into the presentation and do you help create a personal experience that makes your guests say, “Wow, that consultant is so good, you have to buy from (or book from) her?”

People love to hear their name used and when you are trying to get their money and or their time for a party the more you take time to learn and use their names the better your conversion ratio will be.

Take a lesson from Vivia! She was exceptional. By the way, I will be sending Northwest a letter to let them know how exceptional she was. I will even send them to this post! 

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