December Open Houses

December is a great time to have your own Holiday Open House if you have not already done so. It is best to select a weekend and include a Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday if you have the time. You don’t have to mark down your merchandise but if you have samples that will be discontinued soon and you want to get additional money to purchase new items you can offer a percentage off. I have also offered a larger percentage off based on the amount of money spent at the Open House. Example: 10% discount on $50 – $100, 15% on $100 – $199, and 20% on purchases of $200 or more. Make sure you have an “Open Date Card” available with your special January dates so you can begin to fill your calendar now for January.

You can invite past hostesses and customers, new friends and acquaintances and spouses if you have a product that makes a great gift for Christmas. If you take time to get a “Wish List” before you invite a spouse you will make his Christmas shopping so much easier for him and he may spend a little more!

Anyway you slice it, it just makes sense to open your home for a few days to get additional sales and bookings for December. Set your date and get on the phone to invite people now!

If you have ideas on how to make your Open House more successful we’d love to hear from you!


  1. Chris Toenjes says:

    I’m had very successful open houses.. many with sales over $1,000. I invite my past hosts, favorite customers and friends. I keep the open house to about 3 hours and have found the time of 4 pm to 7ish is the best. I have a lot of teachers as clients, so 4 pm allows them to swing by on their way home from school.. before they pick the kids up.

    I started doing a ticket game. 1 ticket for rsvp, 2 if you bring a friend, 3 if your order is over $50, 4 if you book a party and pick one of my special dates, 5 if you set up an appointment to discuss the business oppt. They get these tickets at check out. Then I have product on a table with a cup or bag next to it. They drop ticket into the cup next to the product they want to win. When the open house is over.. I draw the names and they win the prize.

    I also have offered.. Bring the invite and receive 20% of any ONE item. This has really boosted attendance.

    Most of all, I really stay in contact with my clients before the open house. I strive to have at least 30 people come through my door.

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