Direct Sales Ask Karen Phelps Part 3 Teleseminar Replay

Would you like to know the answers to these questions????

  • If you’re not a “selling person” can you still succeed in Direct Selling?

  • Do you ever lose your drive and if so how do you get re-motivated?

  • How do you organize all of your contacts and who you need to follow up with and when? I stay busy and need a simple follow up system
  • How do you get bookings when you have exhausted your resources?
  • What can I say to get people to book parties when they keep saying everyone has no money?
  • Please share your top 3 Hostess Coaching tips to insure a successful party.
  • How do I respond to customers when they don’t answer their phone and don’t respond to my emails?Plus 11 more questions answered!

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