Direct Sales – Secrets to Summer Scheduling Replay

“I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had been feeling sluggish in my bookings and after I jumped on your webinar, got the rush and enthusiasm back that I needed and was missing. We just did a mini phone-a-thon tonight at our team meeting here in Michigan. I booked 9 parties using your idea’s!” Julie Van Houten, Slumber Parties

Don’t miss the Secrets to Summer Scheduling Replay where I share how to:

  • Control your calendar all summer long
  • Use theme parties to encourage bookings
  • Make your offer so irresistable no one can refuse
  • My “secret weapon” for getting at least 12 parties every month all summer long! (well actually I shared not one, not two not three but FOUR secret weapons I used to keep my calendar filled with 3 -4 parties per week!)(you’ll even see some cool pictures of some great ideas for the summer!
  • Plus lots more…

It’s 90 minutes jam-packed with idea after idea and lots of motivation to propel you into action! So you can share this email with your team (you’d be crazy not to) but everyone must register to listen to the replay. And if you already registered for the live call but didn’t get a chance to join us…don’t worry, a special email is on the way with the replay information!

You can watch or listen as many times as you want 24/7 from now until May 31, 2010! After that it’s back in the vault for another year! So, if you didn’t register because you couldn’t make it for one of the Webinars on Monday there is nothing stopping you now!

“Thank you so very much Karen, I sincerely appreciate it!  I use your advice.  The Open Date card works and I use your advice from a prior call and ask them what day of the week works best Tuesdays or Friday, Saturday? I book, as you’ve told me, the first available dates in the beginning of a month so when I hold those shows, I can book later in the same month to get a full calendar of shows.”  Annette Locke, Premier Designs

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  1. Kim Witham says:

    I caught glimpse of the webinar and was hoping the bookings one from last week 5/17/12 would have a replay.

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