Direct Sellers Need to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

“What’s real to you today is based on your past experiences. If you limit your future based on your past you won’t go anywhere. You have to have goals big enough to drive you and excite you!”

This is what I heard one morning as I was listening to Tony Robbins during my daily bike ride.
Tony was talking about goals and the challenge most people have not only setting but achieving their goals.
In my thirty years in direct selling I have come to realize the majority of people set mediocre goals for themselves. Their fear on not being able to reach their goals prevents them from raising the bar! Most people would rather set a comfortable goal and reach it then set a higher goal and miss by a little. How will they ever get better? They won’t!

You must continually set new goals that are loftier than your previous goals and design plans to achieve them. The pursuit of higher goals provides you with a new different reality. If you are continually having the same results it’s most likely because you have been setting the same goals, or worse yet not setting goals at all.
If you are ready to sail a different course here’s what you need to do.

1. Write it down. What do you want? Do your want to earn your company trip or contest? Do you want to advance in leadership rank with your company? Do you want to double your leadership bonuses this year? Begin now creating a list of what you want to accomplish personally and professionally in the next year.

2. Why do you want it? “Just because” isn’t going to provide you with enough determination to reach your goal when the going gets tough. You need to have a real why for succeeding. I want to earn my company trip to Hawaii so I can provide my husband with a wonderful experience to thank him for all his love and support! I want to earn at least $50,000 per year in leadership bonuses so I can replace the income I am earning in my full-time job so I can stay home with my children. Make sure your why is powerful enough to motivate you!

3. Create the roadmap for your success. What are the steps you need to take in order to make your goal a reality. You need x amount of sales each month and x number of recruits in order to earn the company trip to Hawaii. Break it down month by month, week by week, day by day until you know exactly what you must do in order to make your goal a reality.

4. Picture yourself as if you have already achieved your goal.Close your eyes and visualize the warm sand under your feet, the sound of the waves as they break at the shore, the beautiful palm trees swaying in the breeze. You must immerse yourself in your goal as least once a day in order to keep it real for you. The more real you make it in your mind, the more focused you will become on making sure you do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Don’t limit your future based on your past. Create a new, beautiful, exciting future that is filled with hope and promise. Dream, believe, work and achieve. The world is waiting for you to take the next step!

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