Direct Sellers Often Accused of Stalking People

It’s true! Direct Sellers and Network Marketers are often accused of stalking unsuspecting people, trying to trap them into joining their company. And quite honestly, I have to admit I’ve been the “victim” more than once. The fact I was a victim before helped me to implement a “system” for talking to prospects to “qualify” them to see if they were “right” for the business. Now, I know that many companies and many consultants feel this is ridiculous and just sign up everyone and then “go after them” to get them to work and qualify for you. If this works for you and you want to be known as a “stalker” go for it.  Watch this funny video!

BUT…if you want to have a much more effective way to introduce people to the fantastic opportunity that awaits them and immediately get your new recruit excited to begin his or her new business please do your best to join me in Las Vegas, October 23 – 25 for my Direct Selling Leadership Bootcamp which I promise will be second to none in giving you the complete “Blueprint for Mastering Direct Selling Leadership.”

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