Direct Selling “Ask Karen Phelps Part 2″ Free Teleseminar

The first “Ask Karen Phelps” Teleseminar was such a success and there were so many questions not answered we decided to have another call to answer some more of your questions.

This Free Teleseminar has been held, please see the above post for replay information.

1.   Whenever I go to pick up the phone to make recruiting calls or booking calls and begin to talk in circles no matter what I try. What can I do to fix this, as I am so personable and WANT to master this problem! 
 What’s your secret to staying focused on your business when it’s so easy to get distracted with family responsibilites (I have 3 kids, ages: 8,5,3…I help out at school….all the little things that come up during a typical day) How do you keep everything in balance?
I get a lot of people interested in joining my company but nobody who actually joins. What can I do to change this?
In your experience, what are some of the most effective selling techniques to use at in-home parties?
How do I keep get my datebook full again after 6 month hiatus?
I can’t seem to get bookings at my shows anymore. How do you ensure bookings from every show?
Is 6 months a realistic time frame to make money in a Direct Selling Business? Over $500 a month?
How do you balance the cost of doing a party vs. the income from the party? We send out the invitations and pay the postage, take give-aways for the guests, offer extra incentives for the hostess, gasoline to get there, etc and then have 2 or 3 guest show up and the hostess has a $100 party. I have talked to ladies in other home based businesses and one said if the hostess can’t “guarantee” a certain number of guests will be there she tells her she needs to have a catalog party.


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