Direct Selling Leaders need to have a sense of humor

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

I love a little humor in my life! I love laughter! I love to read! I have to fly! So I put it all together on the way home from the Private Quarters convention this weekend and I read one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich’s book “Fearless Fourteen.” The first time I was introduced to these books was in the Houston Airport on the way to Cancun a few years ago. I watched a lady as she was reading and she was laughing out loud. Of course, I had to know what she was reading.

She was reading the Seventh of Janet’s books about Stephanie Plum, who is a bounty hunter. She recommended I start at the beginning of the series so since I had some time I went into the airport book store and purchased, “One for the Money”, “Two for the Dough”, and “Three to Get Deadly” and read all of them during my vacation. I laughed so hard a few times I thought I would wet myself! Everyone would look at me and my husband Larry would say, “what’s happening now?”

It feels good to laugh out loud! It feels good to see the humor in life when everything else seems so dull, dreary and depressing! While searching for a quote this week on humor I knew the one I chose was so appropriate for our direct selling business. Leaders need to have a sense of humor! It’s necessary to get you through the course of each and every day! Heck it’s easier to laugh when you get off the phone with a consultant who just ragged on you for an hour than it is to scream or cry! I know, I used to do the screaming and crying bit a lot and then I just started laughing. Sometimes people are so unrealistic and CRABBY that I laugh when I look at them wondering what side of the bed they got up on that morning. Laughing brings more oxygen into your lungs and brain. Laughter feeds the soul. Humor and laughter brings smiles to the faces of those who are exposed to it! Maybe it’s time to look on the bright side of life and find humor wherever you go!


  1. Kelley says:

    Hi Karen – I just wanted you to know that I believe whole heartedly about the power of laughter and positive thinking…in fact, my mom actually gives lectures on that very topic. Thanks for reminding me!! Oh, and I LOVE the Janet Evanovich books too! ;)

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