Direct Selling Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some of the questions I asked on the “Excelling in Direct Selling Teleseminar.” You can listen to the replay and the number and instructions are listed in the previous post.

1. What is it that will motivate you to work your business when you don’t feel like working?

2. Are you settling for mediocrity because it’s easier? Being mediocre is eaier.

3. Are you doing everything you can to become excellent in your business? Are you attending trainings, meetings and conventions? If not, why not?

4. Do you want to become financially independent with your Direct Selling Company? What does becoming “financially independent” mean to you?

5. If you have another job, DO YOU WANT TO BECOME “JOB OPTIONAL” and replace the income from your full time job with the income earned from your Direct Selling business?

6. Have you designated the times you are going to “actively work” your direct selling business each week? That includes holding parties, follow-up phone calls, interviewing prospects and training and mentoring new recruits.

7. Are you consistent in every part of your business? If not, where do you need to focus your time to building consistency?

 Listen to the “Excelling in Direct Selling – How to Become Financially Independent with Your Direct Selling Company” Replay for helpful ideas on how to excel in your business!


  1. Gail Firby says:

    What a super duper call last night Karen.
    Thanks for all the great ideas again.
    Summertime sales will be great this summer.
    All we need to do is “pick up the phone”
    One of my team members just called me and said “I got it” meaning everyone you talk to you share the opportunity.
    Keep up the wonderful job!
    It’s going to be a fun fun fun summer!
    Enjoy the summer Karen.
    Gail Firby
    Home & Gift Collection
    Sudbury, Canada

  2. Cindy Ulshafer says:

    thanks SO much for the “Sponsor New Recruits” section of “Activities to do to Excel” in the recent TeleSeminar. I needed to hear how important it is to listen to my recruits and lead them with the opportunity FIRST, rather than selling them on just the kit. What a positive way to get them excited about their future business! I’m a bit timid about becoming a leader and now I’m getting up the courage and the excitement to “allow them to act like leaders” like you suggested!
    cindy ulshafer with demarle at home.

  3. kathy Mayle says:

    Dear Karen,
    What an awesome call! I’m excited and re-motivated to get going! I was wondering where the “Just for you” letter is located that you mentioned on the call…. I want to put that into place at my parties too! Thanks for your encouragement and motivation!
    Kathy Mayle
    Silpada Designs, Fairfield CT
    You can locate the “Just for You” letter at the top of the Newsletter page at

  4. aletha says:

    I tried dialing into the replay tonight, and the alternate number for calls made after 6/30 is not working.

    Karen’s reply: It’s working now!

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