Direct Selling Success Requires Persistence

I had the opportunity to listen to an amazing speaker at my Rotary meeting yesterday.  25 year old Amy shared how she had become a high school literature teacher and coach of the #3 Girls Track team in Michigan.

As I listened to Amy I realized she is just like everyone in Direct Selling who “chooses to succeed.” She worked hard, created her own luch and never gave up!

Not everyone who joins a Direct Selling company wants to make $50,000 or $100,000 a year but I guarantee if they did they wouldn’t give any money back. Do you realize how lucky you are to have the opportunity to be able to earn “as much as you want.”  YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO IN ORDER TO EARN WHAT YOU WANT TO EARN! The choice is yours to live with. You can be persistent and succeed or you can let your dream die one booking or one recruit too soon!

Don’t give up! As Amy reminded us, “you can do anything, when you work hard, create your own luck and do the best you can (don’t just go through the motions.”

I never knew I could learn so much from someone who was so young! You gotta love it!

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