Do Things That Help You Feel Good

Last night I attended our Annual Waterford, Michigan Rotary President’s Night Dinner where we say Thank You to the outgoing President and welcome the incoming President. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy being with our friends I was excited to be reminded of all the good things our Club had done throughout the year.

If you are not familiar with Rotary it is a service organization of business people who meet weekly to network, fundraise and do things to better our communities, our country and our world. Because of Rotary International the threat of polio in third world countries is almost totally eradicated. Rotarians around the world have been working to improve the water conditions, health, and education and other issues that affect the people living in countries that are not as blessed as we are.

I am proud to be a Rotarian and I encourage all of you who aren’t involved in a service organization of any type to join one. Do it to network! Do it to help others! Do it because you’ll be making a difference and that’s what life is all about!

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