Family Love

Most of you don’t know that I come from a large family of seven, five girls and two boys. I am blessed to still have both of my parent’s as well as my husband Larry’s parent’s here with us. Larry and I have two wonderful sons and I couldn’t ask for better daughter-in-laws. Oh, by the way, have I showed you the latest picture of the apple of my eye, my grandson, Nickolas? Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our 37′th wedding anniversary and my mom and dad will be celebrating their 59′th. I look at all I have and I know how I am blessed to have such a family to love. Families are the best! We’re having family pictures taken  so watch for some soon!

At my seminars this past weekend I asked everyone to share what they were thankful for in their business. Everyone, without exception said they were thankful for the new friends they made in their business. They all felt the people they knew from their business was like another extended family.

Isn’t it wonderful to belong to something that instead of being a number, you are a person? That’s what each and every one of you have when you belong to a Direct Selling Company. The friendships, support from your upline and company, people to travel and have fun with, hostesses and guests to party with. What a wonderful place to be!!


  1. Patricia Torti says:

    Congratulations Karen on your grandson. I too have just had a new grandson “Lucas” born on my daughter’s birthday August 23rd and he is the apple of my eye for sure. I am also expecting my second grandchild at the end of September or early October whenever he/she decides to appear in this world. My son and daughter-in-law will experience this miracle soon.

    Thank you for all that I have learned from you. I just read your newsletter with regards to “having fun” at home parties. I will certainly try to change my outlook and enthusiasm to better my chances of getting bookings. I’ll need some funny stories (do you have any I can share) to keep the “party going”. I will also try to get in on your telephone seminar in October.

    Anyway, I wanted to convey my gratitude to you and I look forward to seeing those baby pictures.


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