Keep the Momentum Going in Your Direct Selling Business

If you blew of the summer you’ll be paying for it this fall with a mediocre booking schedule. Even though I begged you not to let the summer go by without keeping a consistent schedule I’m sure some of you didn’t listen and have found yourself smack, dab out of bookings. GET ON THE PHONE NOW!!!

Create a list of people to call. Decide on your special offer. Pick up the phone. Smile. Begin making your calls and don’t quit until you have bookings.

Someone once asked me, “how many calls do I need to make?” I responded, “as many as it takes to get the amount of bookings you want!”

Don’t delay, start today and you can have an abundance of Fall bookings!


  1. I understand you are coming to the west coast in 2008. Please, please come to Portland, Oregon. We need you out here too!! :)
    Leigh Bradstreet
    Independent Ex.Dir.2
    Cookie Lee Jewelry

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