Lifestyle Freedom With Your Direct Selling Business

I loved having my own successful direct selling business for twenty-five years. The parties were fun, my team was awesome and the money was a whole lot better than I would have been earning from my 9 -5 job! I earned 22 trips around the world and more contest prizes than I ever could have imagined when I first began selling in 1978.

Because, direct selling was so good for me I’m often saddened when consultants tell me they aren’t getting what they want from their business. I love the tenacity, ambition, work ethic and creativity displayed by successful direct sellers. It’s Independence Weekend  and I thought it would be fitting to share a few of the success tips that helped use my direct selling business to provide financial independence as well as the “lifestyle freedom” that is so important to many of us:

1. Set your goals! I know, you’ve been told this over and over and over again and you are probably sick and tired of hearing it. Truth is, if you don’t set your goals you’ll be halfheartedly working your business and shouldn’t expect much success. It’s been proven over and over again, those who have goals do better and EARN MORE!
2. Work Weekly! If you aren’t working your business on a weekly basis it’s just a hobby. Don’t plan monthly activity plan for weekly activity. Hold parties every week. Make follow up calls every week. Interview prospects every week. The consistency you’ll develop by doing things weekly will dramatically increase your sales and your paycheck.
3. Attend Trainings & Meetings! Only foolish people would attempt to begin their business with no training. Only non-committed consultants would continue in the business without support and continuing their education. If you want to succeed you’ll be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. NO EXCUSES…Find a Way!
4. Work harder on yourself than you do on your business. It doesn’t matter how hard you try if your attitude is lousy. Most successful people will tell you they work on their attitude and other success habits on a daily basis. Listen to motivational CDs. Listen to training CDs. Talk positively to yourself. Get away from the quick-sand crowd and start hanging out with winners.
5. Do the RIGHT THINGS, the RIGHT WAY. It’s not how much time you spend in your business it’s whether or not you are doing the right things while you are working. You can be busy doing things that won’t bring in income and in that case, you’ll still be broke. Or you can get smart and start doing things the right way. Got lots of party cancellations? People who mail invites for their hostesses experience less than a 20% cancellation rate. Your recruits lazy? People who have successful recruits know what to do to get them off to the best start. You’ve got to do things the RIGHT WAY!
6. Get healthy NOW! It’s hard to get things done fast when your energy is dragging. If you smoke, STOP! (I know it’s easy to say because I’ve never smoked but the truth is…it’s killing you. If you’re over-weight, LOSE IT! I’ve been a Weight Watchers lifetime member for 20 years and I’ve invested in JJ Virgin’s Fat Loss program last year which helped me take off 18 pounds and get healthier in the process. If you don’t exercise, GET MOVING! Doing the right things for your body won’t guarantee that you won’t get sick but you’ll feel much better all the way around and you will usually have greater energy which is a must when you have your own business. If you are too tired or sick to get it done, it usually won’t get done.
7. Invest in Yourself. People who invest in themselves and their business BELIEVE they will be successful. When I come across a product that I know can help me or my business I get it. Not investing in myself is like telling my subconscious, “who are you fooling, you can’t make money doing this?” I already told you to work harder on yourself than you do on your business so don’t let your negative thoughts influence you when making decisions. If you BELIEVE you will succeed you’ll make decisions with an abundance mentality rather than a lack mentality. I provide some of the best motivational and direct selling tools on the planet. Check them out.

I’ve learned that strategies for growing a successful direct selling business are not unique to certain individuals or companies. Success is determined by the use of predictable, repeatable, simple actions but not just any actions – the right actions. The driving force behind your success is YOU! Are you ready for the challenge?

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