I am becoming known in the Direct Selling world as the “party queen”! I love to have fun and I always made sure my Hostesses and guests were having fun 
too! I played games and joked with them and would often make myself the “butt of the jokes”. (I often told people that I was playing with half-a-deck).

We are living in a “stressed out society”. The guests in attendance at your party have probably had as rough as day as you’ve had. If you try to understand that it will be easier for them to absorb the information when 
it’s given in a fun and entertaining way you will be the winner!

People love to be around fun people who make them feel good! You will get more bookings! You will sponsor more people! You will be the person who is referred to others! You will grow your business in every aspect when you “lighten up” and make people feel comfortable.


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