Mother’s Day Direct Selling Special

How can you help Linda, a 46 year old divorced mother of 4 boys, (2 of them still in Middle School) who is battling stage 4 lung cancer?

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I want to do something special as a tribute to my mother who passed away last November. Because my mom battled heart disease for almost 20 years, my intention was to donate $10 for every “Ultimate Success Bundle” or “Whole Enchilada” sold to the American Heart Association.

Then I discovered that my good friend Linda’s cancer was back, this time in her liver. Linda was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer almost 4 years ago and her determination to live, along with great medical care, and lots of prayers have miraculously kept her beating the odds. Since her diagnosis Linda has never stopped working, except for a few days here and there when the chemo got the best of her.

This time the dosages are so large and she has been so ill and weak her doctors do not want her to continue working. Friends and family are concerned that she will needlessly worry about the mounting bills that will not get paid. Cancer patients can’t be allowed to worry. They need all the strength they can muster to battle the disease and the effects of chemo! Child support payments are late or non-existent as her ex-husband filed personal bankruptcy because  of his struggling construction business and petitioned the courts to lower the child-support (which didn’t happen.)

My mother was one of the greatest philanthropists I ever knew. A philanthropist is someone who has general love for, or benevolence toward, the whole of humankind. Even though our large family of 9  did not have much money while we were growing up my mom NEVER turned down a friend in need!

My mom loved Linda as all of us do and we have all tried to help as much as we can throughout these past years. I know mom will be pleased with my decision to give Linda the donations this year.

For every ”Ultimate Success Bundle” sold during the month of May I will donate $10 to be sent to help Linda and her boys pay the monthly expenses. For every “Whole Enchilada” sold during the month of May I will donate $20! 

Your purchase will not only help you to grow your Direct Selling business (so you can help others when they need it) but you will be helping release Linda from the worries of what will happen while she’s not working!
Who says we can’t make a difference! I know we can!

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