NO Excuses!

“When confronted with a problem you have one of two choices to make. You can find an excuse for the problem or find a way to solve it. Ultimately the choice is yours.” ~
Karen Phelps

Last week I mentioned that having a direct selling business is a lot like having a garden. You must tend to your customers, hostesses and team just like you would the flowers in your garden. It’s not always easy but in the end your garden and your business look just the way you want them!

This week I thought I’d share few thoughts as to why people make excuses. I decided to make this a 2-part article with the first week focusing on how to overcome making excuses and next week focusing on how to overcome excuses others give you! You’ll want to read both parts so watch for next week’s newsletter!

You know, I’m not much different from you in many ways. I have fantastic family, I’m working from home, I have my plate more than full and sometimes I don’t get out of my office until 10:00 at night. Other times, (like last weekend) I just blow everything off and have fun, which I’m entitled to do once in awhile.

There is one thing I try never to do though and that is to “give excuses” as to why something isn’t done, hasn’t been started, or isn’t important enough to show up. I try my best to hold myself accountable in everything I do! For example, I volunteer through the Waterford Rotary Club,  where I’ll take over as Club President June 30′th. No one is busier than I am and yet I show up at fund-raisers and events, mentor a high-school student and attend the weekly meetings every Tuesday unless I’m traveling. I made a commitment to the club when I joined and there is no reason to go back on my word or begin giving excuses as to why I can’t be where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to complete 2 books this year so every morning I am up by 7 a.m. (many days by 6 a.m.) and in my office writing. If I don’t discipline myself then down the road when the projects aren’t finished I’ll be looking for excuses as to why they aren’t done! I’m no different than anyone else, of course it’s NEVER MY FAULT! Hey we begin placing the blame on outside sources at a very early age, remember the broken case that wasn’t your fault? How about the homework that the dog ate? How about the time you struck out because you weren’t ready when the pitcher through the ball? I’ll bet you can go back and think of hundreds of times when you made an excuse BUT you are a grown-up now and it’s time to shape up!

In my many observations of people through the years I have discovered the most successful people DON’T MAKE EXCUSES! It is always easier to blame someone or something else for your lack of follow-through or commitment. It’s easier to blame the economy for lackluster sales than it is to “LEARN HOW TO PROSPER IN ANY ECONOMY.” I’m constantly amazed that 2 people living in the same town working for the same sales company can have totally different results. One will struggle getting people to book and hold parties while another will go on to set a company record for high sales. The big difference is the successful consultant will have a GREAT ATTITUDE and WON’T MAKE EXCUSES! The other consultant will have a lousy attitude and is constantly looking for excuses.

So in case I struck a nerve with you, I want you to really START PAYING ATTENTION to what you do on a daily basis and how many times per day you make an excuse. In fact I’m going to challenge you to keep a list and write them down. The only way you can correct something is to make a conscious change to do so! Then, there’s a great teleseminar this week on how to fill your calendar with bookings that will be held at 2 different times (sorry, no replay) so if you need bookings I’d find a way to be on the call! There’s another great leadership call where you can listen to leaders share what’s working to build their teams and increase their income,  you should probably find time to listen to that call too!  The number for the replay is (712) 432-0453 Pin 6745228#.
You see, I’m trying to help you by providing F*R*E*E resources for you BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP! No Exuses, right?
Here’s to YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!
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  1. Becky Day says:

    Thank you for talking about this topic. I really needed to hear that right now. I am always making an excuse as to why I didn’t finish a task, start a task, follow up on a task, etc. It drives my husband crazy with the amount of procrastinating that I do every day, and I can see how it has hurt my success in so many areas of my life. I am one of those that sees what needs to be done, but will say not right now because… After reading this tonight, I am making a pledge to make a conscious effort to stop making the excuses and doing what needs to be done. I have found that making a list helps me keep on task better. I have had two failed party plan businesses and have found that alot of that is my desire not to be away from my son at night. I am for the most part a single parent because my husband drives a truck over the road and we live in a town without family around. I think that if I knew the ins and outs of internet networking that my current business would do better.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and showing us the way to a more successful life.

  2. karen says:

    Hi Becky, even though your husband is gone you can still get a sitter for a few hours! Think of the income you can make in a few hours, it’s worth getting a sitter. I had to get a sitter for a few years when my husband worked afternoons and I would have hated to not had the income coming in! Come on girl, you can do it!

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