People are Spending Money…are You Ready to Take Some?

Today, two of my sisters and myself decided to go shopping. We were on a mission to find dresses for my niece’s wedding next weekend. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of people at the mall. We arrived pretty early (around 11:00 a.m. which was a major feat to get all 3 of us) and pretty much had our pick of parking. We shopped and tried on, and tried on and shopped until we were exhausted and had to stop 3 hours later for nutrition (lunch) to keep us going. The restaurant was packed however our wait was short. After our quick pick-me-up we began our endless pursuit. Another three and a half hours and an aching back and feet later I finally convinced them I was ready to leave and they had better pay up (lucky for me, I drove).

Since I’m not as much of a shopper as my sisters, I began to sit on the bench (I’m becoming my father and my husband) and observed the shoppers. Yes, some people were walking around with no packages but countless others looked like they had been Christmas shopping and struck the mother load. Arms were laden with purchases and I realized that for some the state of the economy doesn’t make a difference. Most people over 90% of the population are still working and they are going on their merry way, purchasing, eating out and enjoying life just as they alway had been doing. Others are seriously affected by layoffs and the economy and in spite of being good people are going to have to get accustomed to a different job and possibly a different lifestyle.

We can’t solve everyone’s problems, however, we can solve our own. We can book more parties and sell to those who attend. We can sponsor people who are looking for additional income to make ends meet or increase their quality of life. We can decide not to buy into other people’s state of mind and instead decide we will make it a great life.

So while Larry was gone snowmobiling (and spending money) I went to the show Friday evening (which was by the way packed) and shopping all day today and I quite simply had a great time watching as the economy started to get move once again in the right direction!

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