“Put Your Big Girl Panties on and Deal With It – How to get out of your own way!” Replay

I’m sorry, this teleseminar is no longer available for replay. This fast paced teleseminar will be different from the rest as Karen will help you look at obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals and dreams. She will challenge you to get out of your own way, quit complaining and making excuses and begin to move toward living the “life of your dreams.” Caution – This teleseminar is not for the “faint of heart. “Sometimes things happen in our life that cause us to “slow down”, “stop” or “fall of the face of the earth”. Learning how to handle these situations can help you overcome them! You will learn:

  • What is stopping you from achieving the results you want in anything in your life
  • How to ask yourself questions that will get you back on the right track
  • How to regroup, refocus, and renew yourself
  • How you can live “happily ever after”

I’ll be sharing with you specific strategies I use when I lose focus (Yes it happens to the best of us) to get myself back on track! You can live an amazing life if you just “get out of your own way.” I’ll show you how!

Remember, “Life is what happens to us when we least expect it!” Karen Phelps

This was the first teleseminar I have joined and I am so thrilled to start working on MYSELF & my sales career thanks to you Karen. Was not planning on staying up for the whole 1.5 hours, but I could not tear myself away!! Barb Pitkin

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