Replace Old Habits With New Ones For BETTER RESULTS!

“I had the pleasure of attending one of your training sessions the end of September.  Your training has truly changed my business!  I had been with my company for nearly 2 years and had experienced success and good sales.  However, I was plagued with cancellations. 
I had always offered to send the invites out for the hostess, but never made it a requirement and therefore, never had anyone take me up on it.  After hearing how you presented it to your hostesses, it just clicked.  I got it.  I implemented it as soon as I got home and it has dramatically increased my attendance. 

I have only had one cancellation since I started requiring the guest list back and have rebooked all the parties when the hostess didn’t get me her list on time.  I also use your open date card and am working consistently when I want to work.  I had a $6000.00 October, a $7000.00 November, a nearly $3000.00 December (and I took 3 weeks off!) and a $6000.00 January.  I know that my monthly sales have increased because I am holding 8-12 parties a month consistently now, thanks to implementing the training you gave.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a fun and positive way.  It has really helped my business.  I am teaching my team to use these techniques as well.” ~ Shelley

This testimonial arrived in my email this morning and I knew I had to share. You see…Shelley was willing to change what she was doing in order to get different and BETTER RESULTS! I’ve heard people WHINE about the expense of sending invitations but as you can see the END RESULT really outweighs the expense! Now, even if it’s not your goal to hold 8-12 parties per month you still can make sure you are holding the amount of parties you really want to hold.

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