Revisit Your Goals

At the beginning of the year most of you probably took some time to set goals for yourself and your business. You may have set a weight goal (I know I did) and an exercise goal (did that one too) and maybe you even included a goal to set aside some time just for you! If you need to lose weight did you decide on when you want the weight loss to be finished so you know how many pounds you need to lose per month (or week)?

Did you commit to exercising for at least 30 minutes per day three to four times per week? If not, you should! Do you have an exercise plan which includes aerobics and strengthening exercise?  Have you committed to setting aside time each week for you? One or two hours per week to rejunvenate and revitalize can make a difference in how you approach next week.

Hopefully you took some time to set goals for your business too! Did you write down how much you want to earn each month? Did you write down how much you want to earn for the year? Did you break down where the earnings are going to come from? Do you know how much monthly will come from your parties & how much from your leadership compensation? Do you know how many new recruits you need personally as well as on your team to earn your monthly compensation goal?

The reason I’m asking you all of these questions is that today is February 1′st and even if you blew off the month of January it’s not too late to get started toward making this year your BEST YEAR YET! I had to get re-motivated all over again so YES it happens to all of us! I urge you to not put it off any longer, take time today to renew and re-commit to your 2007 goals! You’ll be glad you did.

If you struggle with setting goals you may want to get my “Goal-Getting” audio program. I’ve never had a goal that I have taken the time to write down and plan out that I have not reached! It’s easy when you know how! To order the “Goal Getting” audio CD for only $27 click here.

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