Secrets from Millionaires can Lead to Direct Selling Success

Wow, I had a blast this past weekend at the Glazer-Kennedy Super Conference. I really am amazed when I attend  a training of this caliber at the amount of successful people in the audience. I love hanging around entrepreneurs who are actively working to grow their businesses instead of sitting back and blaming the economy and numerous other factors for their lack of ambition. Many have an unwillingness to remove themselves from in front of television, or Facebook, or their i-phone or any other distractions that  interfere with working on what's most important, which is of course, making money! Many people will go out of their way to do just about anything that won't put money in their bank account. Few people will take the time that I did to head to Chicago for 3 days of intense training and take along 2 other members of our company. Nor would they justify the $3,500 investment to grow their business.

That's what distinguishes the Top 10% of entrepreneurs (direct sellers included) is their ability to identify that they can't go it alone! They need help from people who have walked in their shoes and survived, thrived and built a business in spite of what the "naysayers" have told them. I am constantly evaluating what I need to learn in order to stay in the Top 10% and then I translate it into methods to help direct sellers move up to and stay in the Top 10% of their company. Business as we know it is changing faster than ever and those who do not take time to learn new skills will be left in the dust. Watch for upcoming articles of my take-aways from this event.

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  1. Bryan Phelps says:

    Great blog post! I must admit, the seminar was very informative and I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas in my own business. Thanks for taking me!

  2. Judy Morris says:

    Fabulous post Karen!! I cannot wait to see what else you have to share from what you learned at this event! Sounds like it was just wonderful!! :)

  3. karen says:

    It was amazing Judy, I really learned so much and I am so glad my son Bryan and husband Larry came with me so they can help me implement in my business and Bryan will help me teach others how to do it in their businesses.

  4. karen says:

    I’m glad you came Bryan. You can help me implement everything we learned.

  5. Bryan Phelps says:

    I’m looking forward to it!

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