Direct Selling “Secrets to Summer Scheduling” Replay

This teleseminar is no longer available for replay 

WOW! There are thousands of Direct Sellers who want to keep busy this summer. We filled the phone lines last night with over 500 people on the call and hundreds more trying to get on. There were some technical issues with storms in Iowa and several people were kicked off the call.   Are you sick and tired of having your busines go “haywire” in the summer?Are you ready to keep your business growing during the summer instead of having to re-start again in September?Are you working on a contest or promotion and need to keep your sales going this summer?Have you ever wondered why some consultants never have stops and starts in their business?  If you really want to keep your calendar filled with parties this summer you need to be on this call!Karen will share ideas that helped her keep a full booking schedule throughout the summer for over twenty years!

You will learn how to add “fun” to your parties to increase attendance, sales, bookings and recruits. Be prepared to take lots of notes.

“I was on the call tonight and you asked for testimonials.  I should have done this two years ago.  Thanks for the reminder. 

You have made such a positive impact on my business that I cannot begin to thank you.  I was first introduced to you at my company’s convention 2 years ago.  At that time I was in a position with my business that was one step above starting out.  Plus I had been in the business for over 2 years.  I loved the chicken hat.  Boy, was that me!   Why are we afraid to work our business?  So I took the plunge and purchased your products.  Most importantly, I USED them!  I had never played any type of booking or sponsoring game and played both and watched my team and calendar grow.  Your suggestions are incredibly easy to implement and your products are absolutely superb.  Thank you so much!” Joyce Joseph, Executive Director, Passion Parties

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