Stuff Happens!

Last Friday was one of those crazy days where you just wonder what else can go wrong. First of all I don’t like getting up at 5:00 a.m. it’s still DARK, but Larry and I were heading to Jacksonville, FL for a weekend event.

On the way to the airport we had to get off the expressway to avoid an accident which added 20 minutes to the ride. Finally got to the parking structure  and discovered it was backed up because the gates going to the employee section were broken so they couldn’t go anywhere and they were blocking the entrance for commuters. While we were waiting the “low fuel” warning came on.

Finally parked, unloaded the car and as I was rushing to check-in my suitcase got caught in a crack which sent me flying. I picked myself up made it to check in and got to the gate just as they were boarding first class.  (Luckily, Larry and I were upgraded so we got on and settled in. The plane pushed back and we sat and sat. The pilot told us we had mechanical problems so we headed back to the gate for one hour. Finally landed about one hour late went to hotel changed clothes and got down to the meeting with 2 minutes to spare.

The funny thing was, as soon as I walked into the meeting “I was ON!” What about you? Do you ever have days when Murphy’s Law strikes you and everything that can go wrong will go wrong? Maybe you have a party that night and you are thinking to yourself,  “I really don’t want to go” but you go anyway and it’s a great party! Sometimes, stuff happens to us and there is nothing we can do about it.

Things don’t always go the way we plan them but sooner or later you have to come out of hiding, face the world and hop back into whatever your next task is. The rest of weekend was great! So even if your days starts out messy you can still have some success!


  1. Great reminder, Karen! I tell myself, I don’t have to share my bad day with everyone.

    When I do have a ‘Murphy’s Law’ day and then go to a party or event, and hit that ‘on’ switch, it reminds me that I DO have choices in regards to my attitude.

    In Gratitude,

    Jhanna Dawson

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