Survey Coaching Call Winners

I want to say thanks to everyone that filled out our Online Survey. There was such an overwhelming response that instead of 10 people, we decided to pick 20 lucky winners to participate in 2 90 min - 2 hour Group Coaching Calls. Congratulations to all of you and thanks for your input!

 Here’s a list of our winners!

Lori Gibson
Christine Mickel
Michelle Carnes
Elizabeth McMillin
Sherry Livsey
Allen Mireles
Rita Franklin
Tina Holley
Stacy O’Brien
Karin Massey
Kathy Cox
Dawn Jensen
Robin Montano
Carol Pederson
Becky Spieth
Michelle Conley
Michelle Afonso
Christine Hess

All of the winners mentioned above will be notified by email of the dates, times and number to call! Congratulations!

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