It looks like we are up on the Direct Selling Tips blog. I would like to invite everyone to share tips and strategies that they have been using from my programs that have produced improved results in their Direct Selling business. I look forward to many years of encouraging and helping everyone who has had the vision to use Direct Selling as a vehicle to achieve their goals in life! Here’s to the Winner in YOU!!


  1. Linda Cross says:

    purchased your package at the signature homestyles leadership conference. brought it home and popped the “it’s a party out there” cd into the car cd. last weekend i tried the “first two available dates” card for my bookings instead of my calendar. i did bring the calendar along(old habits die hard) but kept it in my briefcase. booked both dates and it helped fill in the beginning of january…thanks… looking forward to using more tips.
    linda cross

  2. Brenda Heap says:

    I so love this idea Karen….every time I read or listen to something you have to say…I’m super motivated all over again. I do weekly meetings now and have for a year now and my team has grown from 40 to 108!! Women need that feeling of belonging…its like we have a support group going and they are all doing amazing things!! Thanks for all you wonderful insight!! 2 months away from my car bonus!! Thanks again!!

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