What do Pirates of the Caribbean and Direct Sellers have in common?

What do people in Direct Selling have in common with the “Pirates of the Caribbean”? They are all looking for the hidden treasure!

Yes, just like pirates the individuals are looking to strike it rich by discovering “the hidden treasure in Direct Selling.” Yes, there really is a hidden treasure in Direct Selling but you need to have a “treasure map” to get there! There is the “one thing” that everyone can do to grow their business! There is a “treasure map” you can use that will take you to the “hidden treasure” in Direct Selling.

So, what is the secret to follow on the treasure map? Do you really want to know? It’s really easy and you know the answer already! OK, it really is as simple as “JUST ASK EVERYONE!”

Forget about looking for the ”perfect moment” to share the opportunity! Forget about finding the “right person” for the opportunity! Just start asking more people! Talk everywhere you go to everyone you meet! Sooner or later, someone will say “YES”! Whether someone says “Yes” to booking a party, or “Yes” to becoming a consultant, or “Yes” to just meeting with you to find out more, you need to “Pop the question”.

Get over your fear of rejection and understand this is a numbers business and you need to talk to numbers of people to grow your business. Growing your Direct Selling business by sharing the fantastic opportunity available with everyone will help you get closer and closer to the “hidden treasure”. The “hidden treasure” will be discovered when you understand the importance of people helping people!

Keep asking questions! Your “hidden treasure” is much closer than you think!


  1. Shawna Straub says:

    Thank you Karen! I shared this blog with my team and I know it will be a huge help to them! Keep it up :)

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