What do you do for fun?

Last night I went out with my “Red Hat” friends for our monthly get-together. One of the ladies picked an awesome new Italian Restaurant and I must say my Almond Encrusted Perch was to die for. The waitress made a great wine selection for us and we ate and drank for almost 3 hours sharing stories, telling jokes and just laughing and having fun.

When I came home I felt totally rejuvenated and alive!

The reason I’m sharing this is that too often we get so busy with all our daily activities, family, job, business, church, school and everyone and everything else we have to answer to and for that we don’t make time for us!

So, stop what you’re doing right now, call a friend and make a date to get together for lunch, dinner, coffe, movie or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. Don’t wait until you are burned out, stressed out, fed up and ready to shoot the next person who asks you a question.  Save your sanity by taking a much deserved break today.

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