What Do Your Direct Selling Customers Want?

Was at an awesome sales and marketing event this past weekend and the message that was coming through LOUD and CLEAR was…YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMER WANTS in order to sell to them!

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "I already know what my customer wants! They WANT and NEED my product and or opportunity! This kind of thinking will get you into lots of trouble and even worse can cost you lots of sales.

Now to be honest with you, I've been guilty of this same thing! Example: I know I have the best direct selling success products on the market complete with step-by-step systems that will help you have more success than you ever dreamed possible. I know your investment in my products can help you!

 I KNOW YOU WANT TO SUCCEED! Or do I? Well, let's discuss this…I believe that everyone wants to succeed in everything they do and if truth be know that is most likely the case with many people but the truth is, I really don't know that is true about you! Maybe you just joined your direct selling company to earn an extra couple hundred dollars per year and you are perfectly content with what is happening (or not happening) in your business.


I have to discover what you really want and the only way I can do this is by asking FOCUSED QUESTIONS!

There is so much you can do to find out about the people you meet. All you have to do is ask the right questions.

Let's look at a couple situations where you can implement this. First of all there is your home party. Many consultants enter their home party with one objective in mind, to make a sale a quickly as possible and get the heck out of there!  It's all about how can this person help me? Now, what if you approached it from a different angle? What if you asked yourself, "how can I best serve these people in attendance tonight?" BUT, you can't just have a turn-around in your thinking you also need to have a turn around in your actions and everything you do at the party. 

1. You could begin with an introduction and have each guest tell a little bit about herself so you can get to know everyone. Watch each person intently and focus on processing the information you learn so you can help each individual later.

2. You can ask more questions during the party that are directly related to the products, the host opportunity or the business opportunity. Rule of thumb is you should have no more than 5-6 sentences and then follow up with a question. This will not only keep your guests engaged but it will also help you to identify their needs.

3. Use examples of certain situations where your product or service has helped other people and then ask the crowd, How many of you have ever found yourself in this situation?" or "How many of you would find this helpful?" Don't forget to raise your hand when you are asking a question that you want a response to.

4. When you are talking to the guest and taking her order keep asking questions to find out what her needs are and how you can help her? Ask a question, listen to her answer and then restate what she said and follow up with another question until you feel you have enough information to provide her with the best possible solution.

How much do you know your new recruit before you sign her? I'm hoping you know what makes her tick, what she wants from the business, why she wants it and what she is willing to do to get it! If  not you are seriously setting her up for failure and setting yourself up for lots of anguish when you try to motivate her to go out and book, sell and recruit! I'm a firm believer that it all begins with the interview and I know that was one of the reasons why my personal recruits sold 3 times the company average which put more money in their bank account as well as my leadership bonus check!

Now, let's talk about the Interview of a Potential Recruit. This is another area where it really helps to know lots of information. Do you know what makes your prospect tick? Do you know why she might be interested in the business opportunity, not just in getting a kit! Do you know how much she would like to earn each week and what she would like to do with her earnings? Do you know what she is willing to do in order to make it happen? Do you know if she is willing to receive the education she will need in order to help her be more successful? If you don't know the answers to these questions you are setting your new recruit up for failure and you are going to be beating your head against the wall every time you try to get her to go out and hold a party.

The "5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your New Recruit's Success and How to Avoid Them" Webinar Replay can provide you with lots of things you can do to have BETTER RECRUITS so if you haven't watched it here is the link.

Watch 5 Mistakes Replay

Here's a few things  you can begin doing right away.

1. Play the "Sponsoring Game" just like I show you in "It's a Party Out There". You MUST play it with the 8 questions provided so your new recruits will duplicate what you do. You MUST play both part One and Part Two of the Sponsoring Game. If you leave your party and you don't know anything about the guests in attendance and why they might be interested in your business opportunity it's YOUR FAULT!
If you don't have "It's a Party Out There" you can learn more here.

2. Make sure you ask lots of questions when you are interviewing your prospect. Many people find it helpful to use the Interview Guide that is part of the Blueprint for Mastering Direct Selling Leadership.

3. Do performance reviews every 6 months with active team members to help them stay on track to achieve their goals. Make sure you ask questions to find out what they want to improve in their business along with their 6 month income goal. You can put together a list of questions to help your consultant raise her goals to avoid becoming stagnant in her business. There is a great form that I used that is also included in the Blueprint for Mastering Direct Selling Leadership.

Take time to review these simple strategies and implement them as soon as possible and watch how quickly and easily you begin to increase your sales, booking and recruit's success!

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  1. dani rougeau says:

    Thanks for all your awesome ideas! I’m starting to implement them into my business and cannot wait for the success to follow!!! =D

  2. Nikole Brown says:

    I enjoy reading and implementing all of Karen’s advise and suggestions. My favorite part of her webinar’s are the “secret questions”! She always knows what to say when you need to hear it, straight forward and no SUGAR COATING. Love it!

  3. Karen, you always have the most direct and exciting information. I am glad that we have met and that I get to learn from you.

  4. karen says:

    Just keep learning Wendy, it’s always best to stay up-to-date!

  5. karen says:

    Nicole, it’s the secrets that will make you tons of money!

  6. karen says:

    Dani, implement as fast as you can, don’t wait for success…run out and grab it!

  7. Sherry says:

    Thank you for your valuable insights. In setting up a party program for my product, our information has been very helpful!

  8. Dawn Pierson says:

    Karen! Thank you for sharing this with us! I can’t wait to implement this at my parties and get to know my guests better! I imagine this will help with reservicing as well! Thank you!

  9. Kirstin says:

    Karen I love your idea about asking the guests about themselves. I alway have them introduce themselves and tell me something about the host or how they know the host but this is more fun than informative. I like the spin to help me get a better idea of who they are and why they attended. Thanks for the great suggestion!

  10. Kathleen R says:

    Karen, thank you for sending this information. I sell scrapbook products and I’ve learned when I do crops (vendor spot with scrappers) that the most important thing is to talk with people. I used to stay at my table and wait for them to like my products. LOL It’s so much more FUN to make friends! I’m looking to recruit as well and your information is invaluable. It makes me feel more in charge and not like a hostage. LOL I’d love to have more information.

  11. Jerene says:

    I find the sponsoring game a very fun way to introduce others to the business.

  12. Denise says:

    I just got my “it’s a party out there” package today in the mail and I can’t wait to learn from it and then use it. These ideas are great also. Thanks

  13. Thank you Karen for all your wonderful products. I have “It’s a Party Out There” and the “Blueprint for Mastering Direct Selling Leadership” programs. It’s taken me a while to actually implement alot of the ideas you discuss due to my own failure to fully understand my level of committment. Once I actually got it, WOW! I am getting immediate results! I have booked 7 parties from an expo yesterday, and have 2 interviews set up for the business opportunity. Your programs really do work! Thank you!!

  14. Donna says:

    We never can stop learning and with me some times I have to “re-learn” it.

  15. April says:

    Thanks so much Karen!

  16. So glad I found you today! Looking forward to your CALL!

  17. LaCretia says:

    I am super excited to implement ALL the things I am learning from your blogs and webinars! Thank you for all your sharing and hard work.

  18. karen says:

    Congratulations to our winner of 2 free months Direct Selling Doctor Inner Circle membership Wendy DiCarlo!

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