What’s Your Dream for Your Direct Selling Business?

I’m here in Orlano, the home of Disney World and I can’t help but wonder what would have happened had Walt Disney not had the dream of fun Theme Parks where families could come for a “total Disney experience?” Imagine the boring vacations families would be forced to take if it weren’t for Walt Disney. Let’s face it, all of us who have been to a Disney Park were wrapped up in the wonder of it all!

What’s your dream for your direct selling business? Are you dreaming BIG? The bigger your dream the better your business! Are you afraid to dream too big? Are you afraid of what others might think if you share your vision for success?

Remember, your business will only grow to the level to which you envision it. If you think you will not be successful…you will not be successful. If, like Walt Disney you “believe” and understand you will need to work hard to grow a successful business that will provide residual income for you as you are offering the opportunity of a lifetime to others your business will soar!

Walt Disney’s dream provides us with the opportunity to enjoy the child within us again. Now it’s time for your dreams to come true!

Keep on dreaming!


  1. Donna Woolam says:

    WOW! I was with you in Orlando Karen. Your leadership training was spectacular and the General Session training truly brought to life some principles that we are all still talk about! THANKS

    If you haven’t seen or heard Karen — YOU are missing the boat!

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