What’s Your Perspective?

First of all I would like to thank the wonderful people who responded with donations for my friend in need. I know Linda will really appreciate that although you do not know her you were willing to help. Secondly, for those that were offended, “I’m sorry.”

Wow, I sure did not expect the reaction I had from people about the previous post where I was trying to help a friend in need.

I had some people send me “not nice” e-mails about the way I went about it and were concerned that I was going to profit from it while others were very appreciative that I was doing something to help a friend in need. Last October we also sent a donation for each set sold to the “National Breast Cancer Foundation” for “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

So, I will continue to offer my products for sale, (they have helped thousands of people realize more success in their business) and I will continue to send money to help those who are less fortunate (it’s what I believe in.)

What was your perspective? Let’s think about this. Does your company offer the opportunity to hold fund-raisers? If they do,  do you give up all of your commission? How absurd! Of course not. You will benefit and the organization that is holding the fundraiser will also benefit.

Do you avoid doing something that could increase your business because someone might be offended? If so, you could be dramatically effecting your chances for success.

Speak Your Mind